Guess Who – This Actress Is Not Thrilled About A Song Remake

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an actress who is not thrilled about an iconic song which featured her being remade with a younger star.

Bollywood has been largely unfair to women. The shelf life of male stars is three decades & above. With advances in technology & cosmetic surgeries it is now even possible for male stars to last for five decades. But on the other hand female stars barely last one decade. There is only one female star who has been around for longer, but is largely seen in character roles.

We wonder why this actress is creating a furore over her song’s remake. She has retired & is enjoying her married life. Why the need/insecurity over the song? Like other stars, this actress too is unable to come to terms with her dwindling popularity. Very few are keen on casting her as a lead heroine. All she can manage to grab are character roles or that one odd women oriented movie. But one must admit, that wasn’t just a pretty face. She could act. She need not worry about her song being taken over. For all we know, another younger actress may star in the remake of the remake a few years from now!

Among the actress’ many lovers include a sitting MP from Punjab, a superstar who will feature in the remake of their iconic song, another superstar who denied they ever dated. Some even speculated about her dalliance with a handsome, well mannered cricketer.

Blind Item

A popular actress from some years ago, still working sporadically, still glamorous, is not thrilled that one of her iconic film songs is being revived and reshot for a new movie. It’s a song that put her on the map, a major turning point in her career, and one that established her as a leading sex symbol. She doesn’t think it’s fair that the song will now ‘belong’ to another actress when it is picturised for the new film.

According to the industry grapevine the actress made calls to those involved with the new film and let it be known that she was not pleased, especially since the actor who appeared with her in the original film still gets to be in the new version of the song. Indeed it is telling of Bollywood that 25 years after playing the lead in the original film, the hero is still a leading man in the new film. The heroine, however, is treated as yesterday’s news, replaced by a younger actress.

The makers of the new film mumbled apologetically but explained that they had no say in the matter. She even offered to do the song herself if they were determined to use it. Of course all complaints fell on deaf ears; the song has been more or less completed, and the younger actress on whom it has been filmed will add it to her vault of chartbusters.

Our Guess

Actress: Raveen Tandon

Song: Tip Tip Barsa Pani

Hero: Akshay Kumar

Another Actress: Katrina Kaif


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