Guess Who – This Actress Is Trying Hard To Save Her Marriage

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This blind item has been published by Mumbai Mirror about this actress who is trying hard to save her marriage.

Bollywood is a tough place to survive relationships. Many marriages crumble to dust. Many celebrities marry multiple times to suffer the same demeanor. It is well known that bollywood is a land of infidelity so much so that it becomes really tough to sustain a relationship or a marriage. While recently an A listed actress's brother's marriage just got called off barely before the wedding date. We also hear that an A-lister actress has having troubles in her marriage due to her high maintenance lifestyle and the failure of the husband to keep up with it. And stories of infidelity is nothing new as said above. We hear that one particular couple is trying hard to brush the rumours under the carpet. The actor who holds a family man image has often been hooking up with younger colleagues while the wife just pretends that she knows nothing.

Blind Item

This actress has been doing her best to hold on to her marriage for the past one year. The thing is, he wants to leave her but she is threatening to bare his dirty laundry for all to see. Some of these also includes wily professional deals.The actress's mother has now advised restraint, especially since the couple has a child. Last month the actress was spotted breaking down inconsolably in the arms of her sister. Oh well, another marriage bites the dust.

Our Guess

Actress: Shilpa Shetty?


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