Guess Who – This Actress Was Thrown Out Of A Movie!

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an actress who has gotten over getting thrown out of a big budget movie.

This actress is on a roll. After starring in a legal drama a few years back, she has been earning rave reviews for her performance. Her latest movie co-starring a evergreen superstar, is a huge success. But she is hardly in the news for her dalliances with co-stars. There were rumors of her closeness to a young superstar, but we wonder whether there was any truth to it. The young superstar’s father was the one who gave her her first break. When the director father cast her opposite his son, there were rumors of them having a fling. But the rumors died as soon as the movie released. After all, the young superstar has a steady GF & might get married sometime next year.

Her biggest gossip is that she was the object of affection of a direction & his favorite actor – a superstar. This drove a wedge between the superstar & his director. The director has since stopped working with the superstar.

Blind Item

A prominent actress who’s just coming off a bona fide hit— and who’s had a good streak, having earned accolades for her performances in a string of recent films—reveals she’s gotten over the heartbreak of being cast and then unceremoniously “thrown out” of a “big” project not long ago. The actress realises now that losing one important film is not the end of life, “but it’s hard to have this objectivity the moment it’s happening”. She realises it was all for the best, given that the film turned out to be a turkey. But she still can’t get over the manner in which the incident unfolded.

Not long after landing the central female role the actress was informed by the producer she was being replaced. It was an awkward conversation, she says, but she appreciated his honesty. He admitted that after failing to land the senior star whom they were hoping to cast as her father in the film they approached another credible actor. But this gentleman made it clear he’d take the role only if they’d give the female lead to his spawn. Back against the wall and desperate to meet the start date they had scheduled for the film, the producer claimed he had no choice but to give in.

Our Guess

Prominent Actress: Taapsee Pannu
Bonafide Hit: Badla
Senior Actor: Anil Kapoor
Spawn: Sonam Kapoor
Movie: Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To..


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