Guess Who – This Couple Went Through A Rough Patch

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Filmfare published this blind item about this couple who went through a rough patch recently.

The boyfriend holds a humble gentleman image and speaks with everyone with respect. He has
done a few films and has already enjoyed the bliss of money churning box office hits. The
girlfriend did not have to play any significant role as of yet except the one movie she starred
opposite the boyfriend which became a hit.
The beauty of the stunner is well known and though many might have wanted to approach her
romantically, avoided doing so because of her protective boyfriend and, well,his action skills.

Rumours are rife that he was involved with this newcomer with whom he has a movie coming
up. The rumour may be false for the producer of the movie is well known for planting such
mischief in the air just to up the hype. But, this was not well reciprocated by the girlfriend.

Her obsession spiked up to such a level that she blackmailed the boyfriend with threats of
harming herself.

Meanwhile the other actress is not even a film old but has already got herself linked to several stars. She was dating a yesteryear star’s son earlier. She has also been linked to another handsome actor who is rumored to be “very close” to a big Bollywood producer-director.

Blind Item

So this young and good looking couple who featured in a superhit actioner recently, went
through a rough patch. According to insiders the boy was attracted to another newcomer
actress. And his girlfriend saw red. She clinged onto her man tightly and even threatened to
harm herself if the boyfriend didn’t mend his ways.The threat it seems has worked and the
boyfriend was back with her. Last seen the girlfriend was grinning like the cat who’d got the

Our Guess

Girlfriend: Disha Patani
Boyfriend: Tiger Shroff


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