Guess Who: This Director Has Pulled Off A Fresh Casting

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a director who has pulled off a fresh casting in her upcoming film.

This A-lister is killing it right now. Not only did a biopic which released earlier this year do well, his latest action flick is on its way to become the top grosser of the year. His nemesis to has mellowed down & is not attacking him or his family with the same gusto as earlier. He is still seen in the company of his ex-wife. But he was recently snapped with a hottie actress, whom he is rumored to have hooked up with while shooting for a movie a few years back. He is rumored to have a soft spot for her, but it is unlikely they will ever get into a full blown relationship.

The actress mentioned in the blind item has been in the news for creating issues in her husband’s career. Her husband’s rivals have created a separate camp within the team. Leading the charge is the wife of her husband’s rival – who hopes to dethrone her husband some day. Meanwhile it looks like their baby making plans have not had the desired results. She did get people talking with her controversial attire at a recently held event. By bagging a huge project opposite a superstar, she has signaled that she is back in business.

Blind Item

There’s considerable excitement in Bollywood over the fact that a prominent filmmaker has pulled off a ‘fresh casting’ at a time when it’s hard to find two actors who haven’t worked together before. The director of this unapologetically masala remake of a popular ’70s hit has cast this red-hot A-lister opposite a talented and hardworking leading lady who’s been on a short sabbatical.

Insiders were surprised the filmmaker cast her, given she’s hardly a top choice when it comes to ‘hardcore’ commercial potboilers. According to the grapevine, she was not on the radar (for exactly the same reasons), but when the management called enquiring if she could be considered for the role, the director began thinking of her seriously.

The actress will play a teacher in the film. But she’ll be very differently styled from the diva whom the same director cast as a teacher in her previous film. That role went on to become the diva’s most iconic role, largely because of the way she was presented in the film—sari billowing in the breeze, pallu falling repeatedly. In her new film, however, the teacher will be styled more ‘Western’, a reliable source says—all short jackets and summery dresses.

Where were these fashionista teachers during our school years?

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Farah Khan

Movie: Satte Pe Satta Remake

A-lister: Hrithik Roshan

Leading Lady: Anushka Sharma


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