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Guess Who – This Director Makes Strugglers Enact Comic Scenes

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a director, who makes strugglers enact comic scenes & come up with improvisations. Once it is perfected, the cast is asked to take over!

This director has given several blockbusters. His movies are renowned for its comic scenes. He also dabbles in action movies. His father was a stunt master. He is his father’s second wife’s son. When his father went into depression owing to the death of a colleague while performing a stunt, he went out of work. All his work was then passed on to his assistant, who expired recently. This assistant is now known as a superstar’s father. This very superstar gave a break to this director. While their first film together was a flop, they have given several hits later on. This director has been instrumental in increasing the longevity of the superstar.

This director is married, but was having an affair with one of his actresses. The actress was a TV star. She was rumored to be a female TV honcho’s GF. But love blossomed on the sets of a comic entertainer, between the director & the actress. Not much has been heard about this affair for quite sometime. Coincidentally the actress too has not been seen in any movies lately.

Blind Item

A director with an impeccable record for blockbusters has a genuinely fool-proof formula to draw the best from his talent – he doesn’t rely on them at all. The maverick filmmaker instead gets a clutch of talented strugglers to take a stab at comic scenes and come up with improvisations. Once the gags and sequences get his nod, the cast is summoned and asked to take over. And we thought ghosts were only confined to writing.

Our Guess

Director: Rohit Shetty


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