Guess Who: This Manager Is Making Two Superstars Fight

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about two superstars who are fighting against each other due a celebrity manager who is pitting them against each other.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She was the one who turned the superstar’s career around, which on the verge of destruction. He ended up becoming box office king due to the tight control she had on his life. But due to his family’s insistence he was forced to sack her. Now she is managing the career of another superstar. This superstar just scored his biggest hit ever.

But truth be told, the other superstar’s biggest hit’s collections are just as much as the box office king’s semi hit. The manager has a told of work to do, if she wants her new client to dislodge the box office king from his perch. If one goes by his fan following, it won’t be easy. The box office king was a superstar even before he met the celebrity manager.

Blind Item

WE have had it with superstars fighting with each other. Once great buddies, these two mega actors – also known for their flops with over Rs 100 crore going under – are now at loggerheads. It seems the bone of contention isn’t a competitive streak or a busybody director, but actually a manager who hopped from one star to the other. This cog in the wheel is said to be playing release-date games, pitting one against the other. Tsk, can we go back to fighting on screen please?

Our Guess

Superstars: Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar

Manager: Reshma Shetty


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