Guess Who: This Superstar’s Marriage Is A Facade

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar whose marriage is a facade.

Just a few days back we wrote about this superstar & his GF. We also mentioned how we were wondering the reason behind no news on his relationship with his protege for the longest time. Looks like Mumbai Mirror heard us! This blind item has thrown more light on his affair. His GF seems to want to become his begum & live off his earnings. She seems to be least interested in having a career. That explains why she is pressurizing him for a ring. But we doubt whether he will agree. He is likely to dump her once he has had his share of fun.

But then the blind mentions a newbie. So the superstar’s GF doesn’t fit the description. Is it about the womanizer superstar & one of his many conquests?

Blind Item

DON’T make the mistake of assuming all is well in the paradise of this actor and his wife. Like most things in showbiz, we hear their marriage is a façade as well. The actor, we are told, is always in the company of a young actress whom he launched. But the newbie is now asking for the ring. The wife knows, but he’s not the one to give in to ultimatums.

Our Guess

Actor & Wife: Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao or Akshay-Twinkle

GF: Sana Fatima or One of Akshay’s GF’s


One thought on “Guess Who: This Superstar’s Marriage Is A Facade

  • October 18, 2019 at 12:25 am

    Wait till they lose their stardom and/or wealth. Let alone talk to them those women especially their wives will not even look at them. Judging by this article, not only are their marriages are facades, but their relationships are facades as well, and when those fellas are done having their fun, they’re gonna flush them down the toilet, but you know how these women are, when they get used and thrown out like garbage, they’re gonna cry, tell these so-called sob stories, try to get sympathy and act like men break their hearts for sport which is totally crap because these women are NOT so innocent either and they too had hidden agendas as well, and once their goals are NOT met, they’re gonna break down as if they gave their all and the men treated them like toilet paper, but in reality the tables have turned and you got kicked to the curb because you just weren’t good enough to be with him.

    Sorry fellas, this is the society we all live in now and feminism has taken over destroying the family culture that I once dreamed of having all because of feminism and women being opportunists at all times even through dirty means.

    Anyways, for those who have principles, stick with them and be on your purpose. Don’t let women take advantage, cheat and/or blow your money. That’s it for now. Bye bye folks.


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