Guess Who: This TV Couple Split Because The Wife Had A Fling

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a TV couple who split because the wife had a fling with her co-star.

They were considered the IT couple of TV. They looked perfect together. Their fans were shocked to hear about their separation. Turns out the reason was that the wife was cheating on the husband with one of her co-stars. If this blind item is to be belived, the husband too has had his share of affairs. We had read several blind items about a young TV star cheating on his wife, but never thought it was about this actor. After all they looked so much in love. But like all male chauvinist husbands, this one too couldn’t digest the fact that his wife had an affair, despite himself never being loyal to her. Double standards much!

The husband is in the good books of the reigning superstar. He has been shrewd enough to utlize this friendship to bag plum acting jobs in the TV industry. One must not forget that the reigning superstar has immense clout with TV channels as well. He is the face of a reality show with a huge following. He has signed a 1000cr deal with another network. so like movie producers, TV head honchos have no option but to cast actors from his coterie.

The BF on the other hand is well known in the telugu film industry. He has acted in a few TV shows & movies in hindi, but is not a star by any stretch of imagination. But he is quite the player. His previous GF’s include a hottie divorcee – badminton player, a hindi director’s daughter & a hottie divorcee – actress. Looks like he has a fetish formature women in troubled marriages or divorcees. By the looks of it, this couple will be together for a few months before he gets bored of the TV actress & moves on.

Blind Item

Affairs and flings are not new in the TV and Bollywood industry. Several relationships go kaput because of extra-marital affairs and many don’t even have any clue about what their partners are upto. Recently, this TV couple shocked everyone when news about their split grabbed headlines. Nobody could believe when the two popular small screen actors, who have been in love and had a happy marriage of several years, decided to part ways. Everyone wanted to know the reason behind their decision and we hear it was, as you expected, an extra marital affair that caused the crack in their relationship.

The wife, who will soon be seen making her Bollywood debut, signed a film to be directed by a filmmaker known for his unconventional films and take on subjects. The movie happens to have an ensemble cast with a few other actors, but our TV actress is paired opposite a hunky actor, who’s hardly done anything consequential in his career. With a few very forgettable films to his name, he also got this project because he’s the filmmaker’s muse. A little birdie from the sets informs us that during their shoot abroad, this hunky actor and our heroine had a cosy fling of sorts. While initially it wasn’t anything serious, it soon turned out to be another steamy affair, which was being discussed in the team in hushed whispers. News of their affair reached the husband and he was infuriated. There were several fights, arguments and eventually, both of them decided to separate from each other.

What’s the catch? The actress could be heard telling her friends now that the husband too has had his share of fun, only that she could never catch him red-handed. And unfortunately, that also happens to be true! The husband too got involved with many women over the years but kept it all a secret from his doting wife. And now, when the wife cheated on him, they called it quits! While close friends are hoping they would reconcile, our leading lady has happily run into her new lover’s arms. But given that the hunky actor has been in news only because of his relationships, especially with his last girlfriend (another forgettable face), we wonder if this relationship has any future. Or is it just another ploy for our hunk to stay in news? Your guess is as good as ours!

Our Guess

TV Couple: Sanjeeda Shaikh & Aamir Ali

Movie: Taish

Director: Bejoy Nambiar

Hunky Actor: Harshvardhan Rane

Ex-GF: Kim Sharma


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