Guess Who – Two Actresses Battle Over Screen Time

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Cineblitz has published a blind item about two actresses who are battling each other over screen time for their upcoming film.

Bollywood is a tough place for struggling actresses. While the A-listers have it easy when it comes to bagging plum projects & meaty roles, the lesser known stars have to battle it out with each other. At such times having a godfather is really helpful & if the godfather happens to be a superstar, your life is pretty much sorted. Having a godfather is the best way to navigate the jungles of bollywood & not get shot to oblivion. Many actresses who refused to suck up to suga daddies or godfathers have long been forgotten.

Bollywood is a male dominated industry. The male superstars still run the show. The life of a female superstar is rather short lived. On the other hand, a male superstar can survive three generations of female stars! Just imagine the amount of fun the superstar in the blind item must have had trying to sort differences between these two insecure actors.

Blind Item

This year, 2019, has so far, been successful for Bollywood, with the announcement of many more forthcoming films as well. The point to notice is that there are many films which have a multi-star cast and ensemble casts. While we do think that it is now that actors are giving more priority to the part than the length, it is hard to believe that everything is hunky-dory in multi-starrer films. We discovered an inside secret about two actress who are in competition for longer screen space, and here is all you need to know.

Two new-age actresses, both of who had a dud in 2018, are cast in a film opposite a superstar, and this is a big opportunity for both of them. While they have begun the preparation for the film, the competition between the actresses has also been kick-started. The two are in the race for getting longer screen space and time, as that is something that actors look for in an ensemble film. According to our sources, both actresses are constantly trying to peep into each other’s scripts, to make sure the other doesn’t get the more and meatier part. The competition has reached such a stage, they have started making sweet calls to the superstar in the lead, to each ensure that their screen-time is the maximum. Both of them have big releases in their kitty this year, of which one had a release recently, and the other is gearing up for her huge film to release in the coming weeks. But they still want to make sure that they don’t compromise in this film. Seems like both of them are trying to milk this opportunity to the maximum, and make it big.

Our Guess
Movie: Housefull4
Actresses: Kriti Kharbanda & Pooja Hegde


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