Guess Who – Young Star & Actress GF Have A Lover’s Tiff

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Cineblitz published this blind item about this young couple who just began dating & are having a tiff already.

The actor, young and delectable and clearly a hot favourite among ladies, has just kick started his career and rose to prominence last year. Rumours say that he has broken up with his dancer girlfriend recently due to his alleged closeness with this above mentioned actress and also another famous Bollywood diva who had gone on record to say that she believes they would look good together on screen. It is also rumored that he is constantly in touch with this diva with whom he also appeared in an interview.

Now this other actress who is also impressing the audience with her simple yet unconventional roles is said to be too close to him and the actor’s fondness for her cost him his previous relationship. They are rumoured to be dating. The two are sharing screen space for the first time in a big budget period drama and as we hear they will also be seen together in a high concept horror film. But even after getting to spend so much time together, the actress’ doesn’t seem to be satisfied and wants to spend more quality time with him away from the hustle bustle of the sets and also wants him to stop denying about their affair to the media and public. Too much to ask for,eh?

Blind Item

Young star upsets lady love after being asked to hide his relationship
This new Bollywood couple is already having lover’s tiff.
Ever since these two stars met and interacted at an awards event, there’s been a strong mutual attraction. And the chemistry was quite evident too, even as they denied even the thought of any such thing as ridiculous imagination. But the two were obviously smitten by each other and their likeness for each other only became that much more evident. So much so, that the actor even dumped his steady girlfriend for this leading lady. The two are obviously trying to hide their relationship and keep it away from the media glare. However, it seems that this decision has been made by the actor and not his lady love.

Yes, that’s right! While the affair is not exactly a secret in Bollywood, the star is quite keen to flaunt the new love of her life. However, the actor has been advised by his team to lie low when it comes to the women in his life. The team thinks that the link-ups may affect his squeaky clean image and catapult him into the Casanova brigade. So, the actor has been trying to not open up about the love of his life
But obviously this is not going down too well with the actress and she’s already thrown a tantrum. The couple is known to often get into arguments off late pertaining this. Well, while the actor is absolutely head-over-heels in love with the woman, she just doesn’t seem to agree to his point of hiding their relationship. Well, here’s hoping the two come to some agreement quick before they become the newest break-up couple in town.

Our Guess

Young Actor- Vicky Kaushal
Lady love- Bhumi Pednekar


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