Hidden Gems Of Netflix – Fauda

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Fauda is an Israeli political thriller & has been voted the best International Show by New York Times. Is it suitable for Indian audiences? Read our review to find out!

Cast: Lior Raz, Hisham Sulliman, Sadhi Ma’ari, Laetitia Eido, Tzachi Halevy, Yuval Segal, Neta Gerti, Tomer Kapon
Created By: Lior Raz, Avi Issacharoff
Country of Origin: Israel
Original Language: Hebrew & Arabic
OTT: Netflix
Genre: Thriller, Action


Doron(Lior Raz) & his counter terrorism operations unit are credited with killing dreaded terrorist Taufiq Hammed. He is now retired from service & is growing a vineyard. But cut to present day & the start of the show he is told by Moreno(Yuval Segal) that Taufiq Hammed A.K.A The Panther is alive. The Panther’s brother – Bashir is getting married to his childhood sweetheart. They know that this is the best time to kill The Panther a.k.a Abu Ahmad. They enter the marriage ceremony disguised as caterers & await Abu Ahmad’s arrival. But the guests grow suspicious. This leads to a confrontation which ends in several guests & the groom getting killed. On their way out Doron identifies Abu AHmad dressed as an elderly Arab. This leads to a chase which ends in Abu Ahmad getting shot on the stomach by Doron, but he escapes!Bashir’s wife vows revenge.

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Abu Ahmad then recuperates with help from Walid. He is look after by Doctor Shirin – Walid’s cousin. Doron tries to honey trap Shirin to reach Abu Ahmad. Will Walid & Abu Ahmad retaliate? Will terrorist bombings follow? Does the missed chance to kill Abu Ahmad time & again prove expensive to Doron? Does Doron manage to track Abu Ahmad in time or does Abu Ahmad manage to kill Doron? These are the main story arcs in the first season of the show.


The real strength of Fauda lies in its script. The show boasts of some excellent scripting, good acting & great direction. Every episode will keep you at the edge of your seat & keep wondering as to what will happen. The game of cat & mouse between Doron & Abu Ahmad will suck the audiences into the drama around it. The show also has its share of drama. It does deal with relationships of counter terrorism unit members & terrorists with their families. It empathizes with families on both sides. It does not preach about the ills of terrorism & nor does it speak of Israeli righteousness despite being an Israeli show.

Indian audiences will be able to relate to the show owing to experiences of islamic terrorist bombings & movies which deal with covert anti terrorist operations.

We strongly recommend you watch this show. You most likely will end up bingeing on it!

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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