“Saand Ki Aankh”- An Inspirational Story

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An truly inspirational film “Saandkiaankh” which had portrayed the life of two of the World’s oldest sharpshooters Chandro and Prakashni Tomer from India, check out the review by Ankit for more details!


A well crafted film – “Saandkiaankh”directed by Tushar Hirandhani and the crew , made a biographical drama that depicts the inspiring journey of johri Village sharpshooters ChandroTomar(Bhumi Pednekar) and PrakashiTomar (TaapseePanu) , two elderly women who defied ageism and upended patriarchal society of gender discrimination, to win 352 medals each in the course of their veteran professional life.
The Film majorly lays emphasis on “Women empowerment“, Moreover it shows an excellent example of self-belief and commitment to one’s decision in a very strong yet in a subtle way.

Chando Tomar & Prakashni Tomar on a reality TV show.

The protagonist of the Film, Chandro Tomar, and Prakashi Tomar was on the verge of passing 60 when they developed a passion for Shooting.

There are Lots of incidents which has been beautifully portrayed in the film including-
1. The way both Chandro and Prakashi started to develop their interest in shooting and how they use to go for their practice range, secretly from the men of the house.
2. It has shown the dark side of the male dominant society in which the men of the house used to smoke(huuka), chit chat & their wives who use to work hard all day in the farms and also satisfy the needs of their husbands.
3. Women of the house are traditionally forced to wear a specific colored cloth over their heads dupatta to cover their face and they are identified by their color of cloth.


1.Taapsee Panu – Prakashi Tomar

2.Bhumi Pednekar– Chandro Tomar

3.Prakash Jha – Rattan Singh

Overall Ratings- 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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