Know How Online Casinos Are Changing The Indian Gambling Scene

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The gaming industry in general, is getting bigger and it has gained a presence in the Indian service sector as well. Indeed, one of the high paying jobs here are in the gaming industry that takes on people with unique skills and acumen and helps promote products and services for the growing online gaming sector
There are several sites that are Indian in origin and are part of the online gaming scene. Statistics show that Indians are set to add about 190 million to the billion dollar market in gaming by the year 2021. The boom is becoming bigger and one of the lucrative segments is online rummy. With casino sites and gambling still facing legalization issues in this country, there are other ways that Indians are finding avenues to get into the online gaming and gambling sector.

Demographics of the Indian Player

Research has shown that an average gamer from India is about 24 years of age, is introduced to the world of online games by peer group, and prefers themes of action, adventure and puzzles as well as to try them on mobile devices. The main reasons to engage in gaming activities is for social interaction and stress relief, the latter being 42% of the reasons cited among players.


Market survey reports indicate that digital gaming in the Indian scenario for online casinos will also be fuelled by growth in digital payment which will grow by 300 million by 2020. With virtual reality also becoming cheap and available, gaming content would also be available as per local languages and other preferences. Technology advancements such as AI and VR are bringing in a large range of games and digital entertainment for players around the world including the Indian audience.

Rummy and Casino Games

Online rummy, as reviewed in our previous article, is one of the safe and legal platforms that have started in the Indian gambling scene. It can help players win big but RTP variance is high as well. The user interface in these portals and apps are top notch, secure, safe and transparent. The gameplay is easy on mobiles and laptops that lend to their popularity. Gameplay can be wagered with real money and transactions are made secure and instant. With wins and hits, many players are able to see profits on the bets they wager.
While rummy sites are run on Indian IPs, there are other options for those who wish to try other casino games on regulated and licensed portals. Many of the international casino sites allow players from India to register and wager with their currency or with dollars or pounds. There are established casino sites that accept Indian players among which Royal Panda is one.
This site accepts Indian players and allows them to play with Indian currency. There are also perks offered such as welcome bonuses that help players increase their wagering limits as found reviewed in Royal Panda article. With the latest slots, table games, and live dealer games to offer, Indians can use their money to delve into this world of entertainment and get payouts as well.

Secure Sites to Gamble In

As more international sites accept players from India, there is no need for Indians to feel limited in the world of online gambling. They can gamble on several secure and licensed portals, enjoy wins, bonus features and try their hands at the games of chance. With a growing Indian audience gambling with real money online, revenues are increasing and so is the focus of international sites that are creating more opportunities for Indian players.

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