Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer

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One of the greatest indecipherable mysteries for women is the disappearance of the make-up from their faces, regardless of how professionally finished or equipped it is. Perhaps it is time to point out the importance of primer and how the lack of an appropriate primer can affect the longevity of the make-up on the face which can sometimes result in redundant smearing.

Primer is a make-up base product that is to be applied after conventional washing and moisturizing your face. It is not only the key to unlocking the mystery of the longevity of the make-up but also a key to providing your make-up with a professional immaculate finish. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect primer is the perfect primer for creating a matte-finish base before applying make-up as it is waterproof and provides your face with an even-toned look by hiding your pores and blemishes.


Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect primer claims to provide a perfect matte smooth finish on its application with the help of its silky blur formula which also promises to instantly brighten and soften the skin by covering its pores and blemishes. It guarantees better results when used with its Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser. The perfect way of its application is to dot the primer all over your face using your ring finger and then gently massage the primer in the downward direction from the hairline to the neckline.


Packaged in an aesthetic black tube with a silver cap, Lakme Blur Perfect primer is a lightweight waterproof cream that instantly hydrates and smoothens the skin which is the prerequisite for the make-up to settle on the face for a longer period of time. It is a quick fixer to any make-up mishaps. Being of the lightweight quality and its packaging, it is a great companion for your impromptu voyages. It’s soft creamy texture works wonders on oily skin types and allows easy application of make-up without any creasing or break out for at least 5 to 6 hours.


On one hand, the Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect primer is the key to instant lightness and brightness for oily skin, on the other, however, it does not moisturize dry skin. Moreover, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to avoid any allergic reactions on your face before using any beauty product.


A 30g tube of Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect primer costs 400 INR, which is pretty cheap considering the sky-rocketing prices of several beauty products.

The Final Verdict

This Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect primer should be definitely become an addition to your vanity box as it is a cheap magic potion within your hand’s reach, aiding you to have a perfectly splendid baby soft skin and an intact make-up.

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