Malaika Arora Getting Married To Arjun Kapoor On April 19!

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As per the latest news reports & social media posts, Bollywood bomb shell – Malaika Arora, is marrying her long time beau & actor – Arjun Kapoor. Read our article on their upcoming marriage!

Malaika Arora has been on every Indian man’s wish list ever since her debut as a VJ on MTV. Her well shaped derriere & curvaceous figure, had men falling all over her. While not much is known about her dating history, she started dating superstar Salman Khan’s brother & married him a few years later. While Arbaaz Khan wasn’t a star even back then, he did star in a few hits along side his famous brother. They soon had a baby boy & life couldn’t have been better.

It is rumored that Salman & his family were not happy with Malaika. They hated it when Malaika turned up in skimpy clothes to their gatherings & especially when she did item numbers in movies. You can’t blame them for taking offence on their family member being an object of lust & desire post marriage. If thus wasn’t enough, Arbaaz Khan’s career almost came to a standstill. After getting lead roles & supporting roles, Arbaaz was reduced to doing character roles & B-grade movies. Malaika was used to getting the attention that a star’s wife received & was unhappy with her husband not being in the reckoning.

Malaika Arora Arjun Kapoor
Malika Arora with son Arhaan & ex-husband Arbaaz

Arjun Kapoor was dating Salman Khan’s sister – Arpita, when he first met Malaika. Arjun was going through issues of his own, due to his father – Boney Kapoor’s affair with Sridevi. His mother – Mona, was suffering from cancer & if this wasn’t enough Boney was almost bankrupt after several of movies flopped in succession. While the Kapoors were once a powerful family consisting of a top bollywood producer – Boney & a superstar – Anil Kapoor, they were reduced to being on the mercy of Salman Khan. Luckily for Boney, Salman bailed the Kapoors out by signing two of their movies & both turning out to be superhits. But sadly, he had sold the rights of both these movies to Sahara, as he had to pay off his lenders. Arjun dating Arpita at that time probably influenced Salman to sign Boney’s films.

While Malaika was unhappy over her husband – Arbaaz not being able to make it big & relying on Salman to get him work, Arjun was hurting over several issues in his life. While Malaika’s love for her husband was going downhill, she got close to Arjun. In the meantime Arjun’s GF, Arpita too dumped him & started dating Upen Patel. This made Malaika & Arjun grow closer. No one suspected them of foul play due to their huge age difference. Arjun then lost weight & took acting lessons to fulfill his ambition of becoming a star. He was mentored by Salman Kha, who took him under his wing. Somewhere around this time, Malaika & Arjun started hooking up secretly. No one knew about it, till Arpita noticed things between them & told Arbaaz to keep an eye on his wife.

Arbaaz learnt about the affair & told Salman Khan about it. Salman apparently was livid & is rumored to have given the Kapoors a piece of his mind. Boney is rumored to have apologized profusely for Arjun’s misdemeanor. Arjun promised to stay away from Malaika. Arjun stopped meeting , speaking to Malaika & had affairs with several other women including Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt. Malaika is rumored to have wept outside Arjun’s house & begged him to take her back. Arjun called up Arbaaz to taker her home. Poor Arbaaz took her home & was still ready to give their marriage a shot, mainly for the sake of their grown up son Arhaan.

Malaika divorced Arbaaz, despite Salman asking her to reconsider. But Malaika had made up her mind. Malaika was rumored to get close to a businessman around this period. This made Arjun jealous & this led to them rekindling their affair. Malaika & Arjun started meeting each other slyly again. But the paparazzi got wind of their affair. Arjun was papped outside Malaika’s house at odd hours. But Salman seems to have not done anything about it. Arjun was already out of favor with Salman Khan by this time. So it wasn’t like things could get worse. They then got the courage to started seeing each other openly. Arjun’s uncle Sanjay Kapoor too gave his nod to the couple.

There has been speculation regarding their marriage for quite a while now. They are rumored to have brought a house together. It remains to be seen whether they do end up getting hitched in a christian ceremony on April 19th!


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