Guess Who: TV Star Gets Engaged In A Secret Ceremony

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a TV star who got engaged recently & is set to marry soon.

Having worked for a TV channel, people expect me to dole out juicy TV gossip. But sadly our knowledge about the secret lives of TV stars is limited. So we were shocked to learn that this beloved TV star, who became a household name with her debut TV show is a maneater. Looks certainly can be deceptive. We had seen her hanging out at Curlies, Goa in 2011 with her BF back then. It was around 1AM. Her BF now is a fairly known face in the movies. He was relatively unknown back then. They were sitting on bar stools. The BF sported a great physique even back then & was sitting topless. The TV star was in her swimming costume. They had their eyes only for each other. They were supposed to get married but then the TV star’s private clip went viral. A few months later, the couple separated. The TV star is also rumored to have dated on of her co-stars from her debut show. It is only recently that we came to know that she has been hooking up with a powerful female producer as well.

A friend once told us that in showbiz, the people playing vamps/villainous characters are in fact very good & kind in person. The heroes or heroines on the other hand turn out to be the exact opposite. While this rule doesn’t apply to every hero/heroine, a lot of them are the reason behind this stereotyping.

As far as this TV star is concerned, sadly we can’t say uske jaisi koi nahi. Like movie stars, TV stars too are a promiscuous lot.

Blind Item

This well-known television actress, who recently was a part of a number of web series and is set to marry year-end, recently got engaged in a hush-hush ceremony to a Chennai based person. The ambitious actress was a household name a couple of years back. She has been allegedly in a relationship with not one but many prominent personalities in the industry in the past and currently, some even at the same time without letting so much as a hint gets to the other people.

This actress became popular with her debut show and about six years ago, an MMS clip of her was leaked on the internet. The sensational actress, who has been in relationships with powerful personalities, has often fluidly changed relationships and insiders are aware of her cheating in her past relationships. As word travels, while she is now secretly engaged to her boyfriend, her fiance is in the dark about her shenanigans in India. At the same time the people she was involved with in India, biggies from the industry, couldn’t find out about it until a few weeks before.

Can you guess who the actress is?

Our Guess

TV Actress: Mona Singh

Prominent Personalities: Ekta Kapoor, Karan Oberoi, Vidyut Jamwal


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