OI Original(South): Megastar’s Political Ambitions

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This megastar has huge political ambitions. They are the reason behind his daughter getting married off again.

This megastar is renowned across India. His movie release celebrations will make you feel that Diwali has arrived early. His predecessors made a successful transition from the movies to politics. While Bollywood celebs have no scope of becoming a state CM, stars down south have a real shot at sitting on the CM’s chair.

After a lot of to & fro, he finally took the political plunge. Instead of joining a national party or a local party, he started one of his own. But sadly for him, another superstar too entered politics & he too started his own party. The electorate of the state will be really spoilt for choice when the state goes to polls within the next few years.

To add to the megastar’s woes, one of his daughters got divorced & then started an affair with her brother-in-law. By brother-in-law, we mean the husband of the megastar’s other daughter! The megastar was furious when he learned about it. He knew his son-in-law was a ladies man, but never thought that he would hook up with his other daughter. He realized this would ruin his political pitch. He got his divorcee’ daughter married off to another man. Looks like the megastar is not a rookie when it comes to politics.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about?

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One thought on “OI Original(South): Megastar’s Political Ambitions

  • June 6, 2020 at 1:55 am

    Brother in Law is Dhanush. Amyra Dastur during Me Too said that there was a South star who misbehaved with her while shooting for a song. And many people guessed it was Dhanush


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