The Taimur Ali Khan Phenomenon

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Said & Kareena's baby - Taimur Ali Khan is a celebrity in his own right. Read our article on a one of a kind Bollywood phenomenon.


On 20 December 2016, Kareena Kapoor Khan gave birth to the phenomenon named Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. No sooner was his first picture released than the netizens went crazy. It was love at first sight, for the world with Taimur. And even before he could have any significant reaction to anything Taimur Ali Khan was trending- from Twitter to newspapers to, well, everywhere.

Taimur is only 2 years old now and he is giving a tough competition to all the Bollywood stars in grabbing the paparazzi's attention. Wherever he goes he is followed by the paps like a loyal pet. Whatever he does is breaking news. And why shouldn't it be? He is one of the cutest babies ever. Ok. Rephrase, rephrase. He is the cutest baby ever. No arguments whatsoever. While writing this article, I stumbled upon a picture of baby Pataudi and couldn't help but wonder at the uncanny resemblance he bears with a perfectly handcrafted doll. He is just that cute. Of course he has the strongest genes flowing through his veins- the Nawab Pataudi genes of his father Saif Ali Khan and the gorgeousness of the Kapoor genes of his mother Kareena. Whether he learned to take his first steps or way a goodbye, the paps make sure the world gets notified about Taimur and his actions. Initially he used to shy away from the hundreds of cameras pointing and flashing at him and hundreds of people shouting his name. But Baby Taimur now handles paps like a pro. He poses, he waves at them and they go all gaga as if cupid has struck them! The frenzy about him is such that no one wants to click Saif and Kareena if Taimur isn't with them. Well, not literally. But you get my point, right? And honestly, Taimur has in a way taken away the limelight from his parents by just being Taimur.

Even Saif's eldest child, Sara from his previous marriage to Amrita Singh, is amused by the adorable munchkin that is Taimur and his crazy crazy popularity. No wonder that Taimur Ali Khan is one of the trendiest topics to be discussed on the Koffee couch. Several sketch videos on YouTube often refer to him. And did we talk about memes? If you have not encountered a Taimur-meme you are surely living under the rock. Well,not really memes for people love him way too much too make memes and make fun of him. It's actually the opposite. Taimur features in memes to make fun of others! The sad part is that Taimur steals the limelight even from his cousin Inaya Naimu Khemu. While articles are written about him, little Inaya, Soha and Kunal Khemu's daughter,doesn't get the footage at all. We wonder how Taimur will react with all the attention when he gets older.


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