This Megastar & His Ex Were Almost Cast Together For A Movie!

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Pinkvilla’s latest blind item is all about a megastar who was almost cast opposite his ex-GF in a movie together by a big director!

The most famed romance of the 90’s was theirs. And also the most talked about and nasty break-up.They met during the shoot of their film directed by the same filmmaker as above. They fell in love on the sets and thus blossomed what seemed then a perfect romance. But things were not meant to be that way and the two parted ways. The media was all hyped about the break-up and also more so because of the reputation of the actor with being involved in some serious offences and having police cases against him. The actress on the other hand, has always been dignified and graceful.

Their relation post-breakup was not at all good and the two were not even in talking terms. The actress’ the then boyfriend even spoke out against the superstar in an interview. Though after marriage into one of the most well-reputed families in Bollywood, the two occasionally spoke when they met at events. The filmmaker wanted to cast them solely because of the chemistry they had brought in their first movie together. But things didn’t turn out as he would liked them to.

Had this movie happened, it would probably be the most awaited movie of the decade! It would have led to a media frenzy. He was abusive towards her & is rumored to have banged her door for hours when she was stopped from meeting him by her father. He badly wanted to marry her & had become obsessed with her. He is rumored to tell his GF’s that none of them are as beautiful as her. Some rumors insist that he still loves her to death, despite hooking up with hundreds of women.

Blind Item

Can you guess who the filmmaker,macho superstar and his girlfriend are in this juicy too-hot-to-handle blind?
Theirs was the love story of the decades. When a top superstar fell in love with his actress-girlfriend on the sets of their movie years ago, reams of print were covered on their love story – including their tumultuous breakup. While he went on to have various girlfriends over the years, she married and settled down to a life of domestic bliss, though she would take up an offer once in a while. But their past was raked up again when she approached one of the top filmmakers of India and asked him to cast her in one of his movies. Interestingly, he was keen to cast the senior actress in a sequel where the first movie was a blockbuster.
Over the last year, the top filmmaker, known for his magnum opuses and grand style of filmmaking, was in a quandary as to what he should direct after his last release which was a super hit at the box office. He had three scripts in mind – the sequel, a brotherhood bonding-action-emotional drama with two superstars and a quirky love story set in contemporary times between a macho superstar and a young actress. When the senior actress approached him and asked him whether he had a script in mind for her (they have earlier worked together and share a comfort zone), he told her about the sequel. While the first movie was a love triangle, the sequel was about a married couple who faces turbulence in their marriage when another man enters their lives. And the filmmaker was keen to cast the senior actress and the male superstar (both had acted in the first movie) once more as the married couple this time instead of estranged lovers.

It was a dream cast but a very challenging one. There was one hitch. The superstar and the senior actress had a blossoming romance at one time before they broke up and went their individual ways. Though time had passed and the actress’s husband and the macho superstar had met cordially on a couple of occasions, the filmmaker was reluctant. The actress’s family could disapprove, he felt and as he was very close to them, he wanted the actress to get their permission before anything else.
The senior actress apparently came back and said that she got the nod and approval from her filmi family and could do the sequel. The actress is very choosy about her movies and her family felt that as she has always conducted her personal and public life with grace and dignity, she would do the same while doing this film. The excited filmmaker immediately approached the superstar to narrate him the script but to his shock and surprise, he turned down the role. He told the filmmaker she was married and the audience would find it difficult to accept their onscreen romance and marriage after so much had happened in their personal lives. He loved the quirky love story with the young actress instead and said he would prefer to do that, so the filmmaker had no choice but to go back and inform the senior actress, much to her disappointment, about the superstar’s decision. We have heard, the actress is on the lookout for some good scripts backed by top banners again.

Our Guess
Filmmaker- Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Macho Superstar-Salman Khan
Ex-Girlfriend- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan