Viral Bollywood Fashion Updates For The Week

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Wondering what your favorite bollywood star wore last week? Read up on our views & opinions on the bollywood fashion trends which went viral on social media last week!

No matter what gets posed and posted on Insta from the celebrities’ bag, it always becomes the talk of the town. Out of the several comprehensive and alluring posts updated this week, here are a few you cannot miss on.
Right from family love bonds to the mother-son duos talk of the town, you will simply find almost everything right here!

viral bollywood instagram updates
disha patani was trolled for blindly copy+pasting what a brand’s marketing team sent her
Viral Bollywood Instagram Updates
Disha looked fab in her red top with pom poms hanging around the hemlines

Disha Patani was the talk of the town all through this week. It was a massive troll she had to face due to an apparent goof up regarding her Insta caption copy paste issue. Didn’t she actually know that you aren’t supposed to copy paste captions for Insta posts? Another recently posted update of Disha shows her completely streaming with the Valentine’s week. She wore a beautiful valentine red knee length top with pom-poms hanging around the hemlines perfectly teamed up with a pair of grey ankle length jeans, booty shoes and a heart shaped sling that truly celebrates the valentine week.

Viral Bollywood Instagram Updates
Malaika’s carrot top pic garnered her a lot of attention, including from beau Arjun Kapoor’s uncle – Sanjay Kapoor

After all those secret games Malaika has been playing all through, finally found a new update. The much talked pair of Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor has made it official. But, there’s always something truly innovative and real about Malaika that appeals to all. Very recently Malaika posted one of her hot pictures with her flaunty orange hair captioned- “#orangehairdontcare#carrotop#wearyourattitude.” The post invited a number of comments from both her fans and Kapoor Family, too. Sanjay commented on this picture of Malaika, saying- “Waah you really underplaying it.” To which Malaika replied saying, “Very subtle.” It takes a lot of courage to flaunt your orange colour hair! Isn’t it?

Another remarkable post that came from her captioned- “White is always right…” flaunted the way Malaika has always been- “Classy.” Dressed in an in and out white jumpsuit with the deepest back and a front suit cut neck, she simply left all her fans gaping at her. The bright lipstick has simply moved the show and confirms her as the real show stopper at all the events.

Viral Bollywood Instagram Fashion Updates
Malaika looked hot in her revealing white dress, which gave her ample scope to show off her sexy curves

Viral Bollywood Fashion Updates
Taimur looked cute as a muffin in his cobalt blue tee & red shoes

Another very striking Insta update that is catching quite an audience was a comparison picture posted on Insta that beautifully compares the cutest looks of Taimur and Bebo during her childhood days. What a similarity they hold? However, people simply stayed jaw dropped watching this cutest child wear a striking cobalt blue cool tee with a 3/4th jeans and matching red shoes in another very recent picture posted on Insta. What a cute child he has grown into? Fans have even been posting pretty out of the box comments on this post like- “Can I eat this bubble”. The picture snaps two pictures of Taimur together- one of which shows him all happy and chirpy and running around in his blue beauty and the other one fin a fun filled laughter. This bubbly picture is already catching a lot of audiences. All his beauty goes perfect with the colour of eyes; he has inherited from his mother- Kareena Kapoor. What lovely eyes?


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