Online Rummy: 4 ways to boost multi-table skills

rummy cards

Rummy is a popular card game in India and the game of choice during celebrations and happy occasions. It is a must-played card game during Diwali and Holi when friends and family gather under one roof. But, COVID-19 has put a dampener to all those card-playing plans, and nobody knows if things will ever get back to how they were before the pandemic. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up playing Rummy because you stay all alone or there’s nobody in your house who shares the same enthusiasm. Instead, you can turn to the Rummy game online. The online version of the card game like Freecell can be played on any mobile device, and all you need is a stable Internet connection. Whenever you are bored or wish to play Rummy, you can connect with online players from across the globe. 

Even though online Rummy offers convenience and a chance to play a round no matter where you are, or what time, the debate of offline versus online Rummy doesn’t have a clear winner. No matter which argument you support, you are bound to play online Rummy sooner or later because of the social distancing norms. As such, it would be good to hone your Rummy playing skills. 

If you’ve ever played Rummy before, you must be aware that the game demands the melding of thirteen cards into relevant sets. Whichever player combines it first is the winner, and even if you don’t win, you must always aim to score the lowest. But, melding cards is easier said than done, and you need immense patience, memory skills and analytical skills to make the right decisions under pressure. Moreover, you must be observant as only through observing your opponents' moves can you increase your chances of beating them. So, ensure to keep a watchful eye on all the cards that your opponents are drawing and discarding. 

Now, the 2-player table is basic, and every online Rummy player is aware of it. But, what if you want to play multi-table Rummy games? A multi-table game will make you feel the game progresses slowly because you have to wait for your turn to arrive. On the other hand, you don’t have to feel intimidated or anxious because many players are at your table. You can keep in mind the following methods to boost your multi-table Rummy skills and give your opponents a hard time. 

  1. Attempt one additional table at a time 

Developing excellent Rummy skills must be your initial game objective because Rummy is a game of skills. Without skills, you cannot beat your opponents. Once you have fully understood and honed your Rummy skills, you can multitask in the future. 

Are you confident of your skills and capable of effectively reading your opponent’s hand? If so, you are ready to move on to the multi-tables. Playing multi-table games is only recommended for those who have honed their skills and reached a certain level of expertise. You are advised not to get greedy and suddenly jump onto 3-table gaming at a time. 

The key here is first to become accustomed and acquainted with the experience of playing on two online, and then you can gradually increase your level. 

  1. Keep practicing, learning and evaluating 

When you start playing multi-tables, you will likely come across myriad scenarios in the game. For example, you might face the challenges of taking strenuous and quick decisions simultaneously on two different tables. Even though you may succeed in making the right decision, you must evaluate whether you took the decision based on your understanding. 

Simply put, you need to analyze and access that your game wasn’t compromised when you were playing multi-tables. However, if your game was compromised, there’s no need to panic. In the initial stages, such occurrences are common, and you must focus on learning from your mistakes. So, you have to practice to outdo such challenges. Remember to practice your game, hone your skills and evaluate your game at every stage to learn from your shortcomings and mistakes. Finally, you can take the lead in multi-table games. 

  1. You must adopt a consistent style of playing

When you are playing multi-table Rummy games, you have to keep in mind a few different things. For example, while on the different tables, make sure not to indulge in implementing too different or too many Rummy strategies. If you do, you’ll end up confused, and you may lose your calm. It is highly recommended that you stick to one or two Rummy strategies to make the right moves on multiple tables at once. Ensure the strategies are those that you are most comfortable with. Also, this will help to make you more confident when it comes to making tough decisions during the game. 

  1. Stop yourself from playing different Rummy game variants 

You’ll find several Rummy variants online, and if you are fond of engaging in a mix of different Rummy games, you’ll never get bored. But, trying different Rummy variants is not a lot of fun when you think of trying it on multi-table games. The reason is very simple. Different variants of Rummy involve a slightly different approach, and it may become challenging for you to focus on the different variants when playing a multi-table game. Therefore, it is best to stick to similar game variants so that you don’t get confused. 

So, when attempting multi-table Rummy games, keep in mind the methods mentioned above for beating your opponents and occupying a comfortable place in the leaderboard. Also, never feel shy of losing a hand or playing a wrong move. You will only learn through your mistakes, and it’ll help to hone your skills.




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