Top 10 Politics Based Bollywood Movies Till 2022

Top 10 Politics Based Bollywood Movies Till 2022

Bollywood films are made in a variety of genres, such as hindi comedy films, films with social messages, and so on, but controversial issues, such as politics, bring the films to the forefront.

Even though India is a democratic country, one should exercise caution when expressing one's opinions. Some filmmakers attempted to reflect Indian politics and politicians in films, and many of them were banned.

Aandhi (1975)

Indira Gandhi is the subject of the film Aandhi. The film could not be released in 1975 because Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister; nevertheless, after she lost the election in 1977, the Janta Party approved the film.

Aarti, the daughter of a politician, meets JK in a hotel, falls in love with him, and marries him.

They have problems in their marriage and separate. After many years, they reunite in a hotel, still in love, but Aarti has become a well-known politician who is concerned that her actions toward her ex-husband would harm her reputation.

Kissa Kursi Ka (1977)

Amrit Nahata, a member of the Indian Parliament, directed the film. This film is a spoof on India Gandhi's and Sanjay Gandhi's policies. The Indian government outlawed it, and all prints were seized.

The film is a satire of politics, politicians, and the political system.

Main Azaad Hoon (1989)

To maintain her job, a female journalist begins writing a column under the name 'Azaad,' a fictional character who expresses his thoughts on corrupted politicians, societal evils, media criticism, and other topics.

To increase the visibility of her publication, she also claims that the column's author will commit suicide on January 26 if certain conditions are not met. For a few rupees, she finds a jobless man (Amitabh) and uses him to become Azaad.

Azaad, their imaginary character, now has a face. He is revealed to the world as Azaad, and he receives a lot of love from ordinary people, and he quickly rises to prominence as a public personality and a political threat. Later, he discovers how he has been manipulated; however, he resolves to become Azaad in the genuine sense, rallying his supporters to fight for their country against corruption and all forms of evil, and then commits suicide on January 26th from a 30-story building.

Yuva (2004)

An incident on Kolkata's Howrah Bridge drastically transforms the lives of three young men: Lallan, a goon, Michael, a student leader, and Arjun, a spoilt child of an IAS officer. A botched assassination attempt and a car accident eternally alter their lives.

Nayak (2001)

Shivaji (Anil Kapoor), a dedicated journalist, is given the opportunity to interview Chief Minister Balraj Chauhan. Balraj is enraged by Shivaji's charges, which he backs up with proofs and facts throughout the interview.

Balraj, enraged, challenges Shivaji to take on the role of CM for a day and experience the issues and life of a CM. Shivaji accepts the challenge and, in just 24 hours, turns his city upside down, posing a danger to Balraj and his political party. They try everything they can to kill Balraj, but it all goes to waste.

Because everyone wants Shivaji to be the Chief Minister, he wins by a wide margin. Chauhan tries to assassinate Shivaji, but is assassinated by the CM's security men.

Satta (2003)

Vivek Chauhan, an ambitious chief minister, marries a young Delhi lady. When she is physically tortured by Vivek and his family, the reality of their situation becomes evident to her.

She also discovers that her husband is a womaniser, an alcoholic, and a corrupt individual. When Vivek is arrested on a murder charge, she is compelled to take over Vivek's position in politics.

She quickly finds that she is caught in the middle of the underworld, a businessman, a crooked cop, the media, politicians, and her own in-laws.

Sarkar (2005)

Subhash Nagre, a powerful Mumbai businessman, controls a parallel government and has a large following.

Vishnu, his own son, hires mercenary murderers to assassinate him. The film depicts the true meaning of politics and what a person will do for a seat in the legislature.

The narrative of this film is similar to that of The Godfather, yet it differs in many aspects.

If you've seen The Godfather, you must see this flick.

Gulaal (2009)

Gulaal is a film directed by Anurag Kashyap and stars K.K Menon and a number of other actors.

The film is set in Rajasthan and deals with issues such as legitimacy, injustice, and hypocrisy.

The plot revolves around a law student who is chosen General Secretary of his campus and is forced to witness Rajput struggles, deception, homicide, and criminality.

The film was prohibited by Congress because it contains numerous sequences in which characters discuss the politics of the Congress Party.

Raajneeti (2010)

Rajneeti is a political thriller written by Prakash Jha. This film depicted the lives of politicians in great detail.

The storey follows a young man who is preparing to return to the United States when his politician father is shot and killed.

He must enter politics, where he will learn to lie and deceive.

The film is based on the Indian epic Mababharat, which tells the storey of a man's hunger for power and his complicated relationships.

Peepli Live (2010)

A satirical comedy about 'Farmer Suicides' in India and Indian politicians. Two poor farmers in a village learn that the government is supporting the families of farmer suicides.

Budhia, Natha's older brother, encourages her to commit suicide. Natha's suicide becomes the talk of the town, making its way to a local newspaper, then to mainstream news channels, and within days, Natha's suicide becomes India's Breaking News.

Natha is approached by reporters from all news stations and newspapers, who begin interviewing him.

Natha's death and the news of his suicide become a source of contention for local political groups. 

Political parties begin their political games by providing a water pump and a television to Natha and his family. A deceased body is discovered after an accident and is identified as Natha's by government officials.

The government is now refusing to provide compensation since Natha was murdered in an accident and not by suicide.




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