Hush Hush Ending Explained

Unraveling the Enigmatic Conclusion of "Hush Hush"
Hush Hush Ending Explained

Tanuja Chandra, the creator of "Hush Hush" on Amazon Prime, adds another female-oriented series to their collection. While the show starts off strongly, it ultimately fails to make a lasting impact or convey a poignant message, much like other thrillers. Since the success of "Paatal Lok," few Indian thrillers have managed to reach its standard. "Hush Hush" initially presents itself as a platform for promoting feminism in various ways, but as the series progresses, it becomes apparent that it follows the same formula as other internet thrillers. Let's explore the series finale and determine if it hints at a potential second season of "Hush Hush."


What Happens In ‘Hush Hush’ Season 1?

The narrative revolves around four friends: Ishi, Saiba, Dolly, and Zaira. Ishi (played by Juhi Chawla) is a renowned PR consultant who manages numerous high-profile clients and has amassed considerable wealth. Saiba (portrayed by Soha Ali Khan) used to work as a journalist but left her profession after one of her colleagues was killed during a news pursuit. She is married to Ranveer (played by Chaitannya Choudhry) and has two children. Dolly (played by Kritika Kamra) is Aditya's (portrayed by Nitish Kapoor) wife, and their family owns a diamond business. Dolly is a prominent fashion designer who plans to open her own store in Dubai. Although these four friends share a close bond, they have limited knowledge about Ishi's personal life. Ishi deliberately keeps her personal affairs secretive to prevent others from discovering her past or the challenges she faces daily.

The story of Ishi's past takes us back to a night in 1978 in Kolkata. At that time, she and Meera (portrayed by Ayesha Jhulka) would scavenge for whatever they could find. Growing up in a shelter and searching for a couple to adopt them, Ishi and Meera developed a strong sisterly bond. Ishi protected Meera from every danger. One day, when a couple arrived to adopt Ishi, she asked Meera to go in her place. Their relationship remained perfect until Ishi achieved success in the big city. Meera's son fell ill, and she led a harsh life. Not knowing what to do, Meera sought help from Ishi. Ishi introduced her to Vinayak, a promoter who owned several properties. Vinayak provided Meera with a place, and an orphanage named "Moksha" was established there.

Five years later, Ishi faces difficulties in her professional life, with the media relentlessly criticizing her. It appears that she is in serious trouble this time. Planning to leave the country for good, she decides to meet her childhood sister, Meera, before departing. There, she discovers an ongoing girl trafficking racket operating at Moksha. Ishi was unaware of such incidents, so she urgently asks Meera to put an end to all illegal activities. Meera reveals that the family that adopted Ishi when she was a child subjected her to regular physical abuse. Meera blames Ishi for this, as Ishi had initially asked her to go with the family. However, Ishi had made that request out of goodwill, but Meera holds her responsible for her situation. Devastated, Ishi is determined to resolve everything and urgently arranges a meeting with Vinayak.

Ishi and her three friends are invited to a party where Vinayak is present. The party celebrates the anniversary of Dolly's in-laws, Aditya's parents. Ishi confronts Vinayak, urging him to cease the illegal trafficking in exchange for money, land, or anything he desires. Vinayak tries to make her understand that his clients cannot be swayed by material possessions as they are beyond that. Their argument escalates into a fight, which Zaira coincidentally witnesses from the terrace. Zaira follows them and discovers that Vinayak plans to kill Ishi. Dolly and Saiba join them, and in a heated moment, Dolly accidentally kills Vinayak using Ishi's pistol. They dispose of his body, and the following day, it is revealed that Ishi has committed suicide.

Geeta, a young female inspector portrayed by Karishma Tanna, leads the investigation into Ishi's death. She senses that Ishi's three friends are hiding something and discovers Meera, who is left with Ishi's belongings. Saiba, Dolly, and Zaira begin their own investigation, fabricating lies to conceal their encounter with Vinayak on the night Ishi died. Saiba retrieves Vinayak's wallet before disposing of his body and finds a parking token inside. She retrieves his car and discovers a piece of paper with initials that resemble a diamond business. A character named Kashi confronts Saiba, inquiring about her knowledge of Vinayak's disappearance. He starts stalking her. Kashi previously followed Saiba's family on a trip and attacked her husband, Ranveer, even threatening their son, Zyan. Later, Geeta discovers that the initials are not related to a diamond business but instead represent the names of the girls from "Moksha." Geeta and her friends realize that the case now involves girl trafficking as well.

Kashi's actions are followed by those of Advait and Baldev Dalal, Dolly's father-in-law. It is revealed that Advait kills Kashi to eliminate any evidence of Baldev's involvement in Ishi's associated crimes. Meanwhile, Geeta puts an end to the girl trafficking business. Meera kills her husband and informs Geeta about Ishi's farmhouse in Delhi. The police discover Kashi's deceased son and a young girl buried in the backyard. Additionally, Zaira's employee Meher (played by Kavya Trehan) was present the night Dolly killed Vinayak and witnessed the entire incident. She attempts to blackmail Zaira but eventually confesses and hands over the video clip to her. However, in the end of "Hush Hush" Season 1, we witness CBI Inspector Shantanu (portrayed by Jaaved Jaaferi) taking over the case, and he possesses the video clip. Additionally, a woman's body is discovered, whom we had seen earlier in the series working at a nearby salon and being Geeta's lover.

What Is The HushWeb, Exactly?

In "Hush Hush" Season 1, we witness Kashi approaching Ishi's location, holding a pistol, while she is seen sending an email to someone at an undisclosed platform called "Hushweb." The true nature of Hushweb remains mysterious, but it is evident that Ishi harbors a deep and troubling secret. She is aware that her battle is against someone whom she cannot confront alone, thus reaching out for help. Ishi goes by the username "Lemon Seed" on Hushweb. Interestingly, at the beginning of the season, Ishi's maid, Rekha, is ironing a lemon-colored saree, accompanied by lemons in the scene. This saree was intended to be Ishi's attire for Dala's anniversary party, but she couldn't wear it. Ishi expresses the severity of her current troubles in the email and requests the recipient not to be angry with her. She also mentions that the message should be forwarded to someone else. This implies that Ishi is affiliated with a group capable of managing such situations. There are undoubtedly darker revelations awaiting us regarding the nature of Hushweb. The subject line of the email reads "What is to be known?" coinciding with the episode's title.

Did Ishi Commit Suicide?

Now, about Ishi’s death. Well, it could be a murder, as we see Kashi approaching her house with a gun in his hand. But, he couldn’t doubt Vinayak’s death that early unless he was informed. Although Baldev Dalal was monitoring Kashi’s every movement, he would’ve known if Kashi had killed Ishi. As he never mentioned it, we can assume that Ishi committed suicide, or at least she was willing to with a gun in her hand. Whatever it was, it appeared to be a suicide attempt. Kashi may have entered the house, but only to find Ishi’s dead body in the bathroom.

Who Killed Radha And Why?

Radha's body is the latest discovery, and it is revealed that she was in a romantic relationship with the investigating officer, Geeta. Meher, who previously showed signs of anger towards Saiba, Zaira, and Dolly, remains a mystery regarding the reason for her animosity. It is possible that Meher has a particular fascination with Zaira, as she used to exhibit stalker-like behavior towards her. A theory suggests that Meher followed Geeta to the salon and discovered her involvement with Radha. Wanting to eliminate Geeta from the case, as her progress poses a risk to Meher's own situation, she resorts to killing Radha as a means to send a warning to Geeta to stay away. However, her intentions appear to have been unsuccessful, as the CBI is now actively pursuing her.

‘Hush Hush’ Ending, Explained: Who Was Running The Human Trafficking Racket?

When Ishi urged Vinayak to halt the human trafficking operation, he vehemently resisted, even when she offered him money. This raises the question: why would someone refuse money when it can typically acquire anything? The answer is simple. What if the person you wish to bribe is already immensely wealthy, perhaps one of the wealthiest individuals in the city or even the country? Baldev Dalal, a prominent diamond dealer with an unparalleled business, falls into this category. Money holds little value for him, as it is merely a plaything. Therefore, when Vinayak stated that the person involved couldn't be bought, the most logical assumption is that it might be Baldev Dalal behind the scenes. However, there is another individual entangled in this web of intrigue: Manjit Dalal, Baldev's wife.

We witness Advait mentioning a gift left for the police at the Delhi farm, in addition to Kashi's lifeless body. This "gift" turns out to be the body of a young girl. Interestingly, Baldev appears perplexed, suggesting that he may not have been aware of the young girl's presence or the girl trafficking operation. In earlier episodes, Baldev's grandmother expressed her disdain for Manjit, accusing her of stealing cherished family jewelry and refusing to accept any food prepared by her. From these details, we can only speculate that Manjit Dalal, hiding behind Baldev's name, was involved in the girl trafficking business. Aditya, on the other hand, can be ruled out as a suspect, as he displayed kindness while caring for Saiba's children. It was Manjit who seemed to have a particular interest in having children in the household. What exactly her role was with the young children remains unknown, leaving us eagerly awaiting further revelations as time unfolds.

Will There Be A ‘Hush Hush’ Season 2?

Certainly, that's a possibility. The first season of "Hush Hush" lacks closure, with the police unable to locate Vinayak and many loose ends left untied. Shantanu allows Geeta to continue her investigation, which adds an intriguing element to the story. The most captivating aspect may be the mysterious platform known as 'Hushweb,' as the girl trafficking storyline fails to deliver the expected excitement. Nevertheless, there is anticipation that the creators will introduce a major twist, similar to their attempt to involve Manjit in the narrative. While the execution may not have been flawless, it didn't reach a disastrous level. Overall, "Hush Hush" falls short as a thriller and may only be worth watching once.

"Hush Hush" is an action thriller available for streaming on Amazon Prime.




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