Top 10 Thriller Movies on Netflix India In 2021


On the topic of the Best Thriller Movies on Netflix, we can all agree that thrillers are one of the more intriguing genres in any language and the sub-genres from psychological thrillers to suspense-thrillers offered us some of the most engaging films over the years. So, while you’re sitting all alone at home during a weekend, here are the most enthralling and must-watch films that are available to stream online on Netflix.

10. The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window Netflix Review

Director – Joe Wright
Cast – Amy Adams, Julianne Moore

Best Thriller Movies on Netflix: An agoraphobic woman tries to overcome her fears and assimilate herself back into society. A roller coaster of emotions from start to finish and the ups and downs will keep you glued to the screen and at the edge of your seat. It was such a refreshing, albeit chilling movie as you most probably will not see the twists in the climax. Powered by Amy Adams’ remarkable performance, The Woman in the Window is worth a watch. 

9. Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler Netflix

Director – Dan Gilroy
Cast – Jake Gyllenhall & Rene Russo

Nightcrawler details the story of an eerie individual, Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) who finds interest in shooting, and selling viral crime videos to news channel outlets before or after the cops arrive for further investigation at the crime scene. In the long run, to boost up the ratings for the news channel he’s working for, Bloom enters into a spot where he takes high risks and goes insane to a point where he turns into a terrible person with an evil mindset. Delivering flawlessly in every single frame, Nightcrawler was one of the best movies of 2014. Dark, hilarious and unnerving in its approach, one of the many positives I can point out is that it has the quick re-watchability factor, which is very rare for a movie in the 2010s. One of the Best Thriller Movies on Netflix and must-watch.

8. Dangerous Lies

Dangerous Lies Netflix

Director – Michael Scott
Cast – Camila Mendes & Jessie T. Usher

Written by David Golden and directed by Michael Scott, Dangerous Lies – the suspense-thriller on Netflix stars Camila Mendes and Jessie T. Usher is a well-made, elegant thriller which I have no problem recommending a casual watch. With a runtime of fewer than 100 minutes, you wouldn’t want to miss this movie which ticks all the boxes of a suspense-thriller.

7. Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct Best Thriller Movies on Netflix

Director – Paul Verhoeven
Cast – Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone

Best Thriller Movies on Netflix: A cop investigating the murder of a famous rockstar gets entangled with the prime suspect. Bolstered with a ton of suspense, a string of murders and you won’t be able to guess, Basic Instinct is a roller coaster ride with fantastic performances from the complete cast. 

6. Side Effects

Side Effects Netflix

Director – Steven Soderbergh
Cast – Various

Best Thriller Movies on Netflix: Surprisingly, one of the most underrated movies of 2013. Side Effects circles around a startling plot which impresses and magnetizes you with its unique and distinctive play. A well made thriller by Soderberg and it needs all your attention. If you didn’t watch the movie yet, please check it out. It’s quite impressive.

5. Cam

cam netflix movie

Director – Daniel Goldhaber
Cast – Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh

A psychological horror-thriller centered on the premise of digital identity and its vulnerability, Cam stars Madeline Brewer as an online sex performer who is dead-set on climbing the ranks on the host website. Her efforts soon turn into a nightmarish reality, as one day she finds that her account has been hacked and is now live-streaming her erotic acts, without her own cognizance.

It is a great meditation on technology and its ills and the dignity of work; even in a dehumanizing industry as that of online sex-workers. It depicts how greatly our online personas vary from our real self, the consequences of asking for attention and the terrifying notion of losing one’s identity, especially online. 

4. Gerald’s Game

Gerald's Game Netflix

Director – Mike Flanagan
Cast – Carla Gugino & Bruce Greenwood

Gerald’s Game is a psychological horror film based on Stephen King’s 1992 novel of the same name and the narrative involves a middle-aged couple striving to keep their marriage together as they take a weekend off to spend quality time together at their deserted vacation home.

Involving only three or four characters at best and encompassed within a limited setting, the tightly written script by Jeff Howard and Mike Flanagan is the film’s strong suit here. The interactions and the dialogue between the characters, the emotional connotations, the self-discovery aspects develop an interesting character study of Jessie, played by Carla Gugino, who does an impeccable job showcasing the pain, anguish and adversity that her character had to go through while remaining handcuffed to the bedpost.

Overall, Gerald’s Game is a riveting thriller of a film carried by some splendid performances, first-class writing, and a topnotch directorial job by Flanagan. One of the Best Thriller Movies on Netflix. Don’t miss it!

3. Apostle

the apostle review

Director – Gareth Evans
Cast – Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton

A period horror film, Apostle (2018), a Netflix film, revolves around Thomas Richardson, a former missionary set on rescuing his sister who has been kidnapped and held ransom by a religious cult. Following the concept of tense and creepy atmospheric films like The Invitation and The InnocentsApostle, is an intense yet steady descent into terror and has a ruthless storyline and has a masterful way of narrating its story.

It is very transparent and wants you to understand that there is something around the corner that will scream at you in time to come. There is mastery in its execution, but the extremities of the content, as well as the jerkiness in the tone, might be off-putting to some.

2. The Platform

Director – Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Cast – Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor

The Spanish gorefest, The Platform is already being touted as one of the Best Horror/Thrillers in recent times. The film is a blood-curdling allegory of capitalism, released aptly at a time when the resourceful are hoarding food items, not considering the consequential price hike and eventual paucity for those who cannot afford to buy in abundance. The storyline of the film is set in the future where prisoners housed in vertical cells watch as inmates in the upper cells are fed while those below starve. A massive level up for allegorical cinema! 

1. No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men Best Thriller Movies on Netflix

Director – Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Cast – Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem

An absolute masterpiece of a film, No Country for Old Men predominantly captivates you with its well-written screenplay which was composed and unruffled. Javier Bardem’s brutal reticent performance builds up an acute apprehension in our minds which was well handled and delivered by The Coen Brothers. Definitely, a must-watch if you’re a fan of dramatic thrillers. One of the Best Thriller Movies on Netflix.




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