Top 9 New Movies & Web Series To watch On OTT This Week

Explore this week's streaming roster, which includes animated comedy, biographical dramas, dystopian adventures, gripping family sagas, and compelling foreign stories.
aam admi family

1. Leo

Adam Sandler's latest animated musical comedy, Leo, is a sweet and amusing look at primary school life through the perspective of a class pet. Sandler plays as the eponymous character, a 74-year-old reptile who has spent decades in a Florida classroom. His quest begins when he learns he only has a year to live, motivating him to devise a scheme to escape his terrarium life. However, Leo's voyage takes an unexpected turn as he becomes involved in the lives of his worried pupils and a notoriously strict substitute teacher, resulting in a series of amusing and heartwarming adventures. Will be releasing on Netflix.

2. Oppenheimer

The tale of Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, is brilliantly brought to life in Christopher Nolan's biographical masterwork, which will be released online following a victorious theatrical run. Adapted from Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin's 2005 book American Prometheus, this film follows Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy) through his scholarly pursuits, his pivotal role in leading the Manhattan Project during WWII, and his subsequent decline following the 1954 security hearing. The film's massive cast also includes Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Casey Affleck, and Rami Malek.

3. My Daemon 

My Daemon' Anime Series: Netflix November 2023 Release & First Look -  What's on Netflix

Following a nuclear catastrophe, the earth collides with hell, resulting in horrific sandstorms in this imaginative tale set in a dystopian future. Young Kento discovers a unique red grain of sand in a woodland in the middle of this mayhem in downtown Tokyo. He raises it into a demon, Anna, whom he adores. Their friendship deepens, but when Anna's enemies turn against her, Kento becomes her defender. Kento's cautious mother is killed in an accident, prompting the duo to go on a daring rescue mission to save her. This story is a captivating collaboration between Thailand's Studio Igloo and famed writer Hirotaka Adachi, fusing imagination with deep human emotions.

4. Nearly Normal Family

Bestselling 'A Nearly Normal Family' Will Become a Netflix Limited Series -  About Netflix

A Nearly Normal Family follows the Sandell family, consisting of priest Adam, lawyer Ulrika, and their 19-year-old daughter Stella, who epitomize suburban perfection on Lund's polished suburbs. This façade is shattered unexpectedly when Stella is arrested and charged with murder. Her arrest sends shockwaves through her family, leaving her parents befuddled and heartbroken. As they feverishly try to save Stella, they are confronted with troubling questions: how well do they genuinely know their daughter, or even each other? This drama, based on Mattias Edvardsson's novel, weaves a complicated web of family dynamics, secrets, and the elusive nature of truth.

5. Elena knows

Elena Knows to be released as a Netflix film | Publishing Scotland
Based on Claudia Pieiro's acclaimed novel, the narrative of this South American thriller revolves around Elena, a mother haunted by the mysterious death of her daughter Rita. Elena takes on the job of detective despite having a fatal Parkinson's disease diagnosis because she is frustrated with the lack of answers. She goes on a moving trip from the suburbs to the capital, supported by an old friend of her daughter. Elena digs deeper into the inquiry, confronting not just the mystery of Rita's murder, but also her own motherly background.

6. I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me 

I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me - Rotten Tomatoes

I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me is an engrossing story of Juan Pablo, a young guy who is heading to Barcelona with his lover Valentina to pursue a PhD in Literature. However, before leaving Mexico, his life takes an unforeseen twist as he becomes engaged in a criminal network. This dark and unexpected twist inspires his imagination, driving him to write the novel he's always wanted to write. Juan's life swings into an odd and dark mix as his narrative progresses. The movie is based on Juan Pablo Villalobos' novel of the same name.

7. Last Call for Istanbul

Last Call for Istanbul (2023) - IMDb

Last Call for Istanbul is a compelling drama set against the breathtaking nightscape of New York City. It tells the story of Serin and Mehmet, two people whose paths meet fortunately at the airport en route to New York from Istanbul. They are drawn together by a magnetic attraction and find themselves in a maelstrom of excitement, desire, and temptation on an incredible night in the city. The fact that they are married adds a complex depth to the tale as they experience some of the most thrilling moments of their life.

8. The Aam Aadmi Family season 4

The Aam Aadmi Family Season 4 Trailer: Brijendra Kala And Lubna Salim  Starrer The Aam Aadmi Family Season 4 Official Trailer | Entertainment -  Times of India Videos
The pleasant and accessible sitcom centered on the Sharma family introduces viewers to the endearing dynamics of an Indian middle-class home. A gossip-obsessed grandma, an industrious father, a pious mother, and two grown-up children navigate the idiosyncrasies of their middle-class lives. Throughout its seasons, the program expertly combines humor with deep emotion as the Sharmas handle daily obstacles with inventive and frequently funny answers.

9. The Village

Arya makes OTT debut with horror series The Village, watch trailer | Tamil  News - The Indian Express

Set against the ominous background of Tamil Nadu's rural landscapes, this compelling adaptation of Asvin Srivatsangam, Vivek Rangachari, and Shamik Dasgupta's graphic horror novel plunges viewers into a night of fear. The plot revolves around a guy (Arya), who is trapped and desperate, and enlists the help of three villagers in a desperate hunt for his family, who is said to be held captive by dark powers in a cursed town. At the same time, a ruthless heir to a pharmaceutical corporation sends soldiers to this same community on a quest to recover a mysterious, long-forgotten creature. As these routes converge, the question remains: can any of them escape the horrors that await them in this terrifying night?




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