Face yoga? Yes it exists! And it works wonders!

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Face yoga sounds like a new concept but unknowingly we all have been familiar with similar practices like facial massages and few basic stretching moves and all of them have roots joint with face yoga. Here’s why you should add this ultimate anti – ageing technique for your face

How does face yoga help us?

Signs of ageing are visible due to the loss of fat and soft tissue which leads to loose and saggy skin. The science of face yoga is similar to the benefits of exercises for whole body. Studies have shown it also effects our nerve connections. Tightening muscles through facial exercises will help you improve muscle flexibility, increase in blood circulation. Face yoga will assure your face looking healthy and youthful in future by preventing further signs of ageing. Facial yoga stimulates collagen and elastin production in the dermis (middle) layer of your skin.

It slows down the ageing process

Anti ageing massages and facial exercises tightens the muscles in your face which tightens the skin, it helps in fighting signs of ageing by smoothening out the texture of skin. Facial exercises prevent wrinkles in future by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which results in skin becoming thicker and more youthful looking. No anti ageing cream can beat the effects of facial yoga!

A free of cost alternative to cosmetic surgery

Long term practices can definitely give you drastic changes and results are unbeatable as compared to botox, face lifting and other cosmetic procedures. Benefits of facial yoga have shown visible results on people. Certain yoga moves can help you get rid of droopy eye lids, nasolabial fold and forehead lines, uplifted corners of eyes and cheek bones, eye lift to reduce dark circles and eye bags. Facial yoga is an absolute alternative to cosmetic surgeries. However keep it in mind that facial yoga enhances the quality of your skin and features and prevents ageing, one can’t expect to get changes in features like change in nose shape as it can’t be replaced by plastic surgery.

Are results quick and fruitful?

No the results aren’t as quick as your other workout and meditation for body. Face yoga requires patience and dedication to show its effects. It’s hard to draw the difference and exact period of time to show its results. Results have no limit it depends on the period of time and regularity you will practicing for. People who tried basic facial yoga exercises have definitely seen in 20 or more years when some people found themselves looking very youthful for the age of 60 or even more. Studies have shown results that people found drastic changes in long term like cheeks looking more contoured and lifted, improvement in pouches around mouth and improvement in dark circles and face lift. Facial yoga won’t leave your muscles sore and won’t make you feel exhausted, it’s not like your usual workout that will cause hurdles in everyday physical activities. So there’s no pain to gain and its a win-win method to gain a beautiful texture of skin. It’s recommended you add few facial yoga along with your skin care routine.


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