Top 10 most dangerous games in the world in 2023

The Danger of Social Media Challenges: Children at Risk

dangerous games

There has been a disturbing increase in the number of fatalities resulting from challenges that have gained popularity on social media and the internet. Children are enticed by these challenges and games, seeking the excitement they provide, but they fail to comprehend the serious ramifications that may arise.

An instance of this is the cinnamon challenge, which involves consuming a spoonful of cinnamon without any water for a minute. Cinnamon has the potential to dry out the mouth, leading to respiratory problems or even lung collapse. Another well-known challenge is the tide pod challenge, in which youngsters were dared to eat detergent pods.

In addition, there was a dangerous activity known as the choking game, in which one individual would strangle another to intentionally cut off oxygen to the brain, resulting in a brief loss of consciousness and a dizzying sensation. Unfortunately, fatalities have been reported as a result of this risky behavior. Additional examples of such challenges include the Gallon challenge, huffing, and the five finger fillet.

Below are some of the most well-known, perilous, potentially lethal, and incredibly foolish games that you should ensure children and teenagers stay far away from.

Fire Fairy


Fire Fairy is a disturbing online prank that specifically targets young children, urging them to carry out a dangerous act that could have potentially fatal consequences. This game instructs children to turn on the gas stove late at night while everyone else is asleep and then go back to bed. The lure of becoming a "fire fairy" and the promise of magical transformation is meant to entice children to participate in this dangerous game.

However, as reported by the Daily Mail, a tragic incident occurred when a five-year-old girl became a victim of the game. The young child believed that she could transform into a "fire fairy" and followed the game's instructions, resulting in severe burns to her body. This unfortunate incident serves as a warning to parents and guardians to be vigilant of their children's online activities and to educate them about the dangers of internet pranks. It is essential to ensure that children are aware of the risks and understand the importance of staying safe online.

Blue Whale


The Blue Whale suicide game is a social media group that targets children and teenagers, and it involves a series of challenges that ultimately lead to the participants taking their own lives. The game has been linked to numerous teen suicides worldwide, especially in Russia. Participants are required to complete strange tasks over a period of 50 days, and game administrators use peer pressure tactics to ensure that they comply. Last year in June, Philipp Budeikin, a 21-year-old Russian, was apprehended and accused of being the brains behind the game. He is facing charges for inciting at least 16 schoolgirls to commit suicide.

Cinnamon challenge


Popular YouTube videos depict a perilous prank that has resulted in hospitalizations and a significant increase in calls to US poison centers. This trend involves challenging someone to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon within a minute without water. However, cinnamon is a corrosive substance, and attempting to ingest it can lead to choking, throat irritation, respiratory difficulties, and even collapsed lungs, according to the report.

Choking Game

The fainting game, also referred to as the choking game, is a recreational activity involving two or more individuals. In this game, one person strangles another, causing a temporary loss of oxygen to the brain that results in a feeling of dizziness and temporary unconsciousness. It has been reported that deaths have resulted from participating in this game.

Mariam’s Game


The central theme of the online game is a young child who is stranded in a forest and seeks assistance from players to locate her way back home. As players traverse through the game, they are exposed to eerie visual and audio effects, along with a series of intimate queries that the young girl poses. The online game has sparked heated debates on social media platforms.

Tide Pod Challenge

The "Tide pod challenge" is a hazardous act that involves biting into a vividly hued laundry detergent packet and either spitting out or swallowing its contents. It poses severe health risks, and although its origins and inspiration remain unclear, there have been jests online about the appeal of a product that looks like colorful candy but is known to be dangerous.

Five finger fillet


A game where the objective is to swiftly maneuver a knife between the gaps of your fingers without making contact.

Gallon challenge


The challenge involves drinking a significant quantity of milk within a specified timeframe. Typically, participants are tasked with consuming a gallon of whole milk, which equals 3.8 liters, without regurgitating. However, it's incredibly hazardous to ingest such a vast amount of fluid in a short period. Many individuals end up vomiting, and those who don't may experience cellular damage due to over-hydration.

The Salt and Ice Challenge


The Salt and Ice Challenge is a harmful online trend that involves individuals applying salt on their skin, typically on the arm, and then placing ice on top of it. Participants aim to endure the burning sensation, which is comparable to frostbite, for the longest possible time, and their performances are filmed and shared on social media platforms like YouTube. The intense pain is caused by a chemical reaction triggered by the combination of ice and salt, resulting in the mixture becoming as cold as -18°C and burning through the skin.

Charlie Charlie


Charlie Charlie is an urban legend that has gained widespread popularity in recent years, despite not being an online game. The #CharlieCharlieChallenge has been tweeted millions of times over the last three years, and numerous YouTube stars have filmed themselves playing the game. To play the game, a white piece of paper with four quadrants is used, with two labeled "yes" and the other two labeled "no." Two pencils are then placed on top of each other, and questions are asked of the demon Charlie, causing the pencils to move and point to either "yes" or "no." The game is sometimes referred to as the "poor man's Ouija board." While the game is not inherently dangerous, according to popular legend, failing to properly say goodbye to Charlie before ending the game may result in the demon haunting you, which can be scary for children. Despite its potential to cause fear, the Charlie Charlie Challenge continues to capture the imagination of many.




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