Guess Who: Superstar Gets Organisers To Replace Actor

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar forcing the organisers of an event to replace one of the hosts.

This is the second blind item on the same topic! Looks like Simi Chandoke from Mumbai Mirror is out of gossip. How else do you explain her publishing a week old gossip item in her column today.

Meanwhile the actor’s hottie GF looked stunning in her latest photo shoot. She was oozing sex appeal. The actor is definitely lucky to have her. But while she be with him if his movies continue to flop & he goes out of work like her ex-husband? Only time will tell!

Blind Item

THE organisers of a recent event, to be hosted by two actors, landed in a no-win position. A superstar whose additional presence meant a lot to the planners has a longstanding problem with one of the actors. Yes, they were thick at one time and the senior actor even mentored the junior for a while. However, certain personal developments drove a wedge between the two, making the superstar spell out loud and clear that he won’t attend if the younger actor anchored the event. But as they say, hatred bounces.

Our Guess

Two Actors: Ayushmann Khurana & Arjun Kapoor

Superstar: Salman Khan


2 thoughts on “Guess Who: Superstar Gets Organisers To Replace Actor

  • September 30, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    (1) FYI, She’s lucky to have him, he’s not lucky to have her. Men are the prize. and wasn’t he supposed to be the next young superstar after 2 States?

    (2) Why can’t they make up their mind? Didn’t they want to get rid of her deep down? They already dodged a bullet (because they wanted it) so why can’t they just move on already? If a woman leaves you, it’s your gain and her loss ultimately from my experience. Just move on in life for the better. SERIOUSLY!

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