Gaurav Budania Age, Marksheet, Biography

Get to Know the Inspiring Journey of Gaurav Budania: Age, Marksheet, and Biography
Gaurav Budania


Gaurav Budania, an IAS officer hailing from Rajasthan, attained the 13th All India Rank in the Union Public Service Commission Exam in his initial attempt, thereby cracking the Civil Service Examination. Budania was born and raised in Churu, Rajasthan, a place known for its soaring temperatures. Presently, he resides in Jaipur's Gurjar ki Thadi area. In the year 2018, he secured the 12th rank in the Rajasthan Administrative Services Examination. Further details about the biography of IAS officer Gaurav Budania can be found below.


Gaurav Budania Biography

Gaurav, originally from a small town, achieved remarkable success by clearing the Union Public Service Commission exam on his first attempt and obtaining All India Rank 13, thereby bringing great pride to the state of Rajasthan. He completed his secondary education in the Churu district of Rajasthan.

Subsequently, Gaurav pursued a Bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering from BHU, followed by a Master's degree in Sociology. He achieved an impressive All India Rank of 80 in the GATE exam.

Gaurav Budania’s UPSC Journey

According to IAS Budania, the Union Public Service Commission exam is highly competitive, requiring a combination of hard work and smart strategies. During an interview, he advised candidates to approach the exam as if they only have one chance to succeed. Otherwise, they may need to take multiple attempts before ultimately passing.

Gaurav Budania Marksheet

Gaurav Budania, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, achieved a total score of 1023 in the Civil Service Examination 2020, ranking 13th. His marksheet reveals that he scored 850 marks in the Union Public Service Commission Mains Written examination and 173 marks in the Personality test.


All India Rank UPSC Mains (Written) Exam Marks Personality Test Marks Total Marks
13 850 173 1023

Gaurav Budania Medium

Gaurav Budania opted for Hindi language during his interview because he felt more comfortable expressing his perspectives and had a better grasp of the scenario in Hindi, even though he had taken the written exam in English. In contrast, he did not feel as confident when speaking in English.

It is worth noting that UPSC does not favor any particular language over others and evaluates candidates solely based on their abilities and knowledge. Budania's experience serves as an example for future candidates, demonstrating that language should not hinder their performance in the Union Public Service Commission exam.


Gaurav's uncle encouraged him to use his talents and join the Civil Service in order to make a positive impact on society. He recognized Gaurav's potential for innovation and believed that the country needs individuals who are aware of ground realities. Gaurav was motivated by his uncle's words and developed a preparation strategy for the Union Public Service Commission Exam.

As part of his advice to fellow candidates, Gaurav recommended being wise in choosing optional subjects, keeping up-to-date with current affairs, revising topics, and solving practice papers. During the exam, he divided his responses into five parts, drawing on his experience of breaking down topics into four parts while dedicating the fifth part to incorporating real-life examples.

Optional Subject

IAS Budania opted for Anthropology as his optional subject and offered a useful tip on selecting the optimal choice. According to him, choosing the optional subject need not be a stressful process. One can simply assess their strengths and weaknesses to identify the subject they are proficient in. Additionally, selecting a subject that was studied during graduation and in which the individual excels is also a viable option. Rather than wasting time on deciding, it is advisable to utilize the time towards UPSC preparation, as this will significantly impact the final score.

IAS Gaurav’s Age

At a tender age, Gaurav displayed his academic potential and brought several accolades to his household. Despite belonging to a financially modest family with limited educational background, he received unwavering support and motivation from his family throughout his journey. Gaurav imbibed a strong sense of responsibility from an early age.

IAS Gaurav’s Interview Round Experience

During the interview, IAS Budania shared that his entire family, including himself, were affected by Covid and had to stay in the hospital for two months. Unfortunately, he also lost his uncle (Tau Ji) during this time. Despite having a short preparation time of only 10-15 days for the interview, he adopted a mindset of accepting everything as a part of life and motivating himself to appear for the exam. He persevered and remained fully focused on achieving his goal.

Gaurav expressed that he has three main priorities in his service. His top priority is to help anyone who seeks his assistance and ensure that they don't leave disappointed. Additionally, he intends to take creative measures to improve education and actively fight against crimes involving children and women.

UPSC Preparation

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Remember to prioritize your health, take breaks, and manage your time well to perform your best in the civil service exam.


The tale of IAS Budania is highly motivating, as he overcame various obstacles in a short span of time. This article aims to inspire you to achieve your own goals. To access comprehensive guidance on UPSC exam preparation and related articles, consider joining UPSC Pathshala. Don't miss this chance to succeed, act fast!




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