How do I become a customs officer in India? 

How do I become a customs officer in India? 

From childhood, we all have ambitions to become reputed officers. We do hard work to achieve our goals. But what if you don't know the path to your dream destination.?So here, in this article, we will give you a piece of detailed information about how to become a customs officer in India. If you also want to become and don't know how to be then don't forget to read this article.

What is a customs officer? 


Customs officials must stop the importation of illegal goods including drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. They need a Hawkeye in India to prevent smuggling. To monitor the movement of cargo, they are posted at ports or major international airports. They operate in communities to deter these deceptive practices.

Eligibility to Become a Customs Officer in India

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college is a must to be eligible to apply. Some other conditions are as follows:

  •  at least 55% in each of the courses you take

  • Applicants should be at least 21 years old.

  • Applicant's age must not be more than 30 years.

  • In case of age reduction, an applicant must be from a low-income household.

Customs Officer Levels

Customs officers are employed in one of four capacities:

1. Group A Level: 

In this group, The Indian Revenue Service, which includes customs and central excise is the only option to choose. Recruitment in this group is made through UPSC. One will work as an Assistant Commissioner of Central Excise or Assistant Commissioner of Customs in this group. Work in both departments is mandatory throughout the career.

2. Group B Level:

Postings at this level are divided into three categories:

(i) Inspector of Customs and Central Excise: The SSC-CGL exam is mandatory to pass to become an inspector of Customs and Central Excise. The selected candidate will be assigned to a department as an inspector. Throughout the career, he/she needs to work in both departments.

(ii) Preventive Officer:Only custom officers can apply for this post. Its selection is made through the SSC CGL test. Officers are placed near the shore (for seas and airports) in this group.  An exciting position in this group is one gets a chance to wear a white uniform.

(iii) Indian Customs Inspector: Choose the examiner After passing the SSC CGL examiner choose this group. Customs duties at seaports and airports are the work assigned to the selected applicant.

How to Become a Customs Officer in India?

You can join a degree program of your choice after tenth grade and select any subject (science, commerce, or the arts). You may also apply for this post after earning your B.E., B.Tech., or MBBS.

MBBS students who have not yet completed their internship can take the UPSC Mains exam. They must submit an application form that has been authorized by the appropriate official, such as the department head or the institution's dean.

They must submit this document with their exam application. During the interview stage, the applicant must show a copy of their internship certificate as well as additional paperwork attesting to their completion of the necessary prerequisites for a medical degree.

1.Through SSC-CGL examination

There are three levels of the SSC-CGL examination which you have to pass to become a customs officer.

Level 1: The preliminary written test is the first step in the SSC-CGL hiring process. On this written test, your ability in thinking, English, and maths will be evaluated.

Level 2: The subsequent SSC-CGL written examination is only open to candidates who have passed the preliminary exam. English, quantitative aptitude, general studies, and statistics are all included in this test's syllabus.

Level 3: The third stage involves either a personality test or an interview.

2. Through UPSC

Stage 1: The preliminary written examination is administered by UPSC in this stage. General knowledge, social studies, Indian politics, mathematical ability, and general science are among the topics covered in this exam's syllabus.

Stage 2: A candidate is qualified to sit for the main exam if they have passed the UPSC preliminary test. The most important subjects for the main exam are Indian languages, general studies, an optional paper, and English.

Stage 3: An interview is the last step in the UPSC examination procedure to become a customs officer. Candidates can practice in front of a mirror to brush up on their essential skills before the interview phase.

Customs officer’s average annual pay

Preventive Officer Rs 44900 / month

Central Excise         Rs 44900/month


Examiner of Indian Rs 52000/month


Assistant Commissioner    Rs 50000

                                  – 65000 / month

Perks and Benefits for a Career as a Customs Officer 

Apart from the monthly salary, customs officers also enjoy some other perks which are as follows:

Full control of the airport: The entire airport is only open to a select few officials. They are permitted to go inside the plane to check it out before takeoff. They are entitled to free international travel, unlike the rest of the population.

Prestige and honor: Before any foreign ship or aircraft departs, customs officers must provide their approval. This makes it a respected and sought-after position.

When these cops are on duty, the government covers their housing and transportation costs. Rarely, he is permitted to fly for free to significant Indian cities, particularly when the airline trip is cut short by a local aircraft.




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