Netizens Trend #BoycottBingo, Call Out Ranveer Singh for Making Fun of Sushant

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Netizen call out Ranveer for making fun of Sushant Singh Rajput in latest advertisement. After the advertisement was released and audience saw it, social media users took offence at it considering how words like ‘photon’, ‘algorithm’ and ‘paradox’ were included in the script to take a jibe at late SSR. He loved talking about science, stars and all things in the space.

Social media has been abuzz with calls for boycotting or taking down one advertisement. Or another for hurting religious sentiments or not being in good script.

The recent target of netizens wrath is popular chips and snack brand Bingo and its ambassador, Ranveer Singh. They are both alleged to be making fun of late Sushant through their latest collaboration. For an advertisement titled ‘Beta aage kya plan hai?’

The advertisement plays out with Ranveer attending a house party when an elder person asks him about his future plans. Soon, several uncles and aunties suggest ideal plans while Ranveer, after having a Bingo chip, utters some scientific terms like ‘photon’, ‘algorithm’, and ‘paradox’ to shut down the relatives.

And as soon as the relatives walk away, Ranveer reveals that the only solution to such a tricky question is by using a ‘mad angle’.

Sushant’s Instagram bio reads, ‘photon is a double-slit’. The late actor often mentioned algorithms and space in his social media posts.

The advertisement made Twitterati believe that Ranveer was making fun of SSR. They demanded that the ad should be pulled down and also trended #BoycottBingo to express their anger.

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