Top 12 Ice Cream Brands in India In 2024

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Top 12 Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream is a delightful dessert with a magical ability to bring immense joy. Its frozen goodness offers a plethora of delectable flavors, ranging from classic vanilla and chocolate to exotic fruity options like mango. Whether enjoyed in a cone or cup, its creamy texture provides a delightful sensation akin to a sweet embrace for the taste buds. Loved by both children and adults across India, ice cream is a cherished treat.

Exploring the diverse array of flavors and brands available can be overwhelming due to the sheer variety. This article aims to spotlight the top 15 ice cream brands in India renowned for their delectable and popular ice cream offerings.


1. Naturals Ice Cream: An established name renowned for crafting irresistible ice cream delights, Naturals Ice Cream stands out as a celebrated brand in India. Their delectable ice creams, crafted from real milk and fresh ingredients, are available in over 135 stores nationwide, a mix of company-owned outlets and those operated by passionate ice cream enthusiasts.

2. Giani’s Ice Cream: Giani’s Ice Cream, a sought-after brand, consistently leaves a lasting impression. Their ice creams are reminiscent of a delightful fusion of cherished rabri faluda and mango milkshakes from Chandni Chowk, but with innovative twists.

3. Top N Town: Acclaimed for creating memorable ice cream experiences, Top N Town has emerged as a highly popular brand available across nearly eight different locations. Counted among the significant chains in the ice cream market, Top N Town crafts delicious ice creams and desserts using premium ingredients.

4. Nirulas Ice Cream: Nirulas stands as a trusted name in the realm of ice cream, offering unparalleled delights to its loyal customers. A well-known brand in India with a longstanding presence, Nirulas curates delicious ice creams adored by many. The brand boasts an extensive array of flavors alongside special beverages like ice cream sodas, enticing desserts, and flavorsome milkshakes.

5. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream: Known for its superior taste and quality, Baskin Robbins, a beloved ice cream brand, initially established its first factory in India, far from its origins in North America. Today, Baskin Robbins stands as one of India's finest ice cream brands, with multiple outlets in major cities and even smaller towns, ensuring accessibility for ice cream lovers across the country.

6.Dinshaw’s Ice Cream: Dinshaw’s, an esteemed ice cream company, began its journey by handcrafting ice creams that have garnered immense love from numerous consumers. Their dedication to using premium ingredients ensures a delightful taste experience. Offering a diverse range of flavors, including classics like Caramel and Chocolate, Dinshaw’s remains a cherished choice among ice cream aficionados.

7. Creambell Ice Cream: Distinguished as an extraordinary ice cream brand, Creambell commands around 15% of the ice cream market, reflecting its popularity among consumers. Widely available across 19 states and the top 40 cities in India, Creambell boasts an impressive selection of 136 distinct ice cream flavors catering to various age groups.

8. Havmor: A top-rated ice cream brand, Havmor delights its customers with its scrumptious offerings. With an extensive presence across over 72,000 locations and substantial outlets in more than 200 locations, Havmor takes pride in using high-quality, flavorful ingredients in crafting its delectable ice creams.

9. Vadilal Ice cream: Vadilal, a highly regarded brand, offers an extensive range of ice cream flavors available in various forms such as cones, shakes, and lollipops. Known for its delectable offerings and diversified product line that includes bread and other delectable treats, Vadilal enjoys widespread fame in India with over 150 flavors stocked in more than 50,000 shops nationwide.

10. Nestle: A renowned brand that has redefined the ice cream experience for generations, Nestle Ice Cream stands as a monumental entity within the global food and beverage industry. Their delectable offerings have the power to transform any occasion into an exceptionally delightful moment.

Be it a lively family gathering, a significant celebration, or a simple desire for a self-indulgent treat, Nestle Ice Cream fulfills every need. Their repertoire includes frozen desserts like ice cream and chocolate bars crafted from premium ingredients, ensuring an incredibly delicious taste. Whenever a craving for something sweet and delightful strikes, Nestle Ice Cream is the go-to choice to bring a smile to your face.

11. Keventers: An esteemed ice cream brand highly recommended for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of this frozen delight, Keventers holds a distinguished position in the market. Renowned for its scrumptious shakes and ice creams, this brand has sustained a longstanding presence that captivates people upon encountering their dessert carts in various towns. Expanding its horizons, Keventers commenced opening stores in international locations such as Kenya and Dubai in 2017, proliferating to over 250 outlets across the globe. Their uniqueness lies in offering not only regular ice cream but also indulgent treats like Chocolate Milkshakes and Hot Desserts, setting them apart in the industry.

12. Hangyo Ice Cream: A standout brand in the art of ice cream making, Hangyo Ice Cream has carved a niche with its exceptional offerings. Renowned for creating incredibly delicious ice cream varieties using special milk and an assortment of captivating flavors, Hangyo boasts options like Hangyo-Mango, Hangyo-Vanilla, Hangyo-N R Dry Fruits, Hangyo-Kulfi, and more. Esteemed as one of the fastest-growing ice cream companies domestically, Hangyo Ice Cream produces its delectable offerings entirely within the country, adding to its appeal.




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