Blind Item(DNA) – Barely Speak – 4th Oct

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DNA has published a blind item about a superstar couple who barely speak to each other.

Looks like it may be divorce no.2 for this superstar. Not only is he cheating on his wife with his co-star, he also has one mistress abroad(click here to read more). It is open news in Bollywood, that this superstar is a closet womanizer.

He was known to demand kissing scenes with all his heroines. He dated several of his co-stars despite being married. But his first wife was one strong willed woman. She left after her warnings were taken lightly. The superstar was distraught after his divorce & had to take time off to recompose himself. But old habits die hard. His second wife comes across as a strong independent woman herself, but is putting up with his philandering. She even posed for pics with the superstars’s mistress for the sake of fooling the public!(click here to read more)

Blind Item

A superstar couple’s marriage is hanging by a thread, say insiders. The couple had some infidelity issues, but it seemed like they had weathered that storm when they indulged in PDA to fool the paps. However those who have seen them together in common places like foreign outings, inside flights or even their own home say that they barely exchange a word. Guess, in a way this is a blessing. If they speak, they may end up arguing. Their maun vrat seems to be the reason why they are still together.

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Superstar Couple: Kiran Rao & Aamir Khan


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