Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Bubbly Actor – 7th Sept

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a bubbly actor who is flirting with her co-star.

He was recently spotted sitting along side his much older GF. Their love has survived stiff opposition from the GF’s ex-husband, husband’s superstar brother, GF’s many suitors & his own flings(click here to read more). While one can’t deny that his GF looks drop dead gorgeous, getting serious with someone like her is a different ball game altogether. Once a cheater, always a cheater!

The bubbly actor mentioned in the blind item, was recently in the news for dating the AD of her upcoming movie. Either she has been one naughty actress or one of these blind items is fake(click here to read more).

Blind Item
LIFE has come full circle for this bubbly young actor. For her next film, she has been cast with one of her first heroes. But nostalgia seems to have gotten the better of her, and she has been latching onto every word her newly single hero utters. The actor has become aware of her feelings for him and has politely told her they have nothing in common, apart from these two films of course. He is gently recommending another one of his single friends to her instead.

Our Guess:
Bubbly Actor: Parineeti Chopra
Hero: Arjun Kapoor
Movie: Namaste England