Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Lust Stories – 25th June

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about the lust story between a middle aged actor & a bollywood actor who is yet to make a mark.

Don’t we all love tales of lust from good ol world of Bollywood? Mumbai Mirror has blessed us with one such story. While we have been reading several stories about the middle aged actor who recently got divorced(click here to read more)
He was rumored to be dating a model. But as per this blind item he is hooking up with a young female actor as well!

The middle aged actor is known for his good looks. It comes as no surprise that several women are trying to bed him now that he is single. But we were shocked to know that his newbie actor too is one of the several women lusting for him. She recently lost her mother in a freak accident in a foreign country. Rumors about her father murdering her mother refuse to go away. Her debut movie is up for release & she has been linked to her co-star(click here to read more). We wonder where this hook up leaves him!

Blind Item
THIS newly single actor is all too ready to mingle. Sources tell us he is enjoying the close company of at least two pretty ladies these days. One of them is a modelactor who made a special appearance in his latest dud film. But the identity of the other made your diarist sit up in surprise. The second young lady in the middle-aged actor’s life is the daughter of a yesteryear filmmaker and female actor. The young lady, who is yet to make her mark in Bollywood, was already getting close to another lesser-known name when our hero evinced an interest in her. Regardless of the age difference between them, she swiftly reciprocated. All seems fair in love and, erm, lust.

Our Guess
Newly Single Actor: Arjun Rampal
Model Actor: Natasha Stankovic
Young Lady: Janhvi Kapoor

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