Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Zero Offers – 6th July

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Mumbai Mirror has written a blind item about a star who has received a total of zero offers despite starring in a big hit.

It is not easy to survive in Bollywood, if you are not hugely talented. Even getting close to your godfather can only get you so far(click here to read more). He may give you a role in one of his upcoming films, but then it is up to you to make it big.

The superstar has launched several actresses. It is common knowledge that being part of his harem has several benefits. The leading leady of his last flick has been gifted an apartment worth 3 crores by him. She also is “close” to the producer of most of her movies(click here to read more) It does help that she is hard working. All these factors together have ensured that she is now part of Bollywood’s A-list despite not being hugely talented.

Blind Item
THIS starlet, who starred in one of the biggest hits of the year as the lead, was expecting a barrage of offers to come her way after the release of the film. Unfortunately, from what we hear, she has got a total of zero offers. But that hasn’t stopped her from bragging about how she has refused huge endorsement deals as well as offers to star in movies down south, some of which could have earned her hell a lot of money. Point is, no one is buying her stories. Such is life.

Our Guess
Starlet: Daisy Shah
Hit: Race3

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