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Guess Who – Actor’s Marriage Is In Trouble

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Cineblitz has published this blind item about this actor who is facing trouble in his marriage due to trust & compatibility issues.

This is the second blind item on the topic. The actor started his career with a hit that was praised and loved by all. But that was, may be one of the couple of significant hits he had in his career, before vanishing from films entirely. Though he had some fair acting skills, his choice of films was really bad.He was last seen in 2015 in a much forgettable film. No one has heard from him since. He is not even spotted at the parties! Hence his career came to a standstill and he didn't even look like he want to revive his sinking career until now.Talks are on that he will be debuting soon with a sci-fi film as a director. The father of one believes he doesn't need to rely on controversies to be in the news. And guess what? He is never in the news! According to reports, it was his wife who had the upper in the marriage and she was the one taking all decisions. Even his film choices and career decisions were made by her. He simply obliged.He had married his childhood sweetheart after dating for 10 long years and now comes yet another news of a crumbling marriage. They had been married for a fair long time. He was engaged when he had just started out in Bollywood, well ahead of any of his contemporaries. It was clear to all that his placed a greater priority on his marriage and love life than his career. And truth to be told, in all these years there has not been even a rumour of the actor being linked up with his co stars. He held such a dignified personality. But nobody can deny that Bollywood is a tough place to sustain marriages. It might seem all sunshine and roses from outside and we may go all the way shipping couples but we don't really get to know the inside story. Many marriages end even after having a long long run and great compatibility. And in the recent times there has been too many reports of marriages breaking off. We sincerely hope that this couple manages a way out to make their marriage work.

Blind Item

This celebrity couple is trying to salvage their marriage, but might part ways soon if everything does not work out.

While B’Town always seems to be shining from the outside, there are many grey things happening inside which can’t be seen by outsiders. For now, it’s celebrity marriages we are talking about. They fall in love, get married but if a few things go wrong their marriages get into trouble. That’s exactly what is happening currently with one of the power couples of Bollywood.

As per reports, They are said to be the most beautiful and stylish couple. We have seen them being together for years now, but according to the grapevine, looks like something is not working between the two. After the downfall of the actor’s career, it seems like even his marriage isn’t doing well. Now he is having trust issues and feeling incompatible with the wife. Over the years now the couple seems to have developed major trust issues about each other. The wife is trying pretty hard to hold up their marriage and somehow work it out.

Our Guess

Actor- Imran Khan Wife- Avantika Malik


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