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Guess Who – Family Man Actor’s Marriage Is Crumbling!

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Filmfare has published this blind item about this actor who is having troubles in his marriage.

The actor started his career with a hit that was praised and loved by all. But that was may be the only significant hit he had in his career, before vanishing from films entirely.While his contemporaries are stealing the show with their fantastic choice of movies and brilliant acting skills, he chose to stay back and support his wife and do social work. He was last seen in 2015 in a much forgettable film. No one has heard from him since. He has zero media coverage and no entertainment tabloid ever talks about him. Not their fault though. What can they say if he himself has nothing to do? He is not even spotted at the parties! Talks are on that he will be debuting soon with a sci-fi film as a director. The father of one believes he doesn't need to rely on controversies to be in the news. And guess what? He is never in the news! He had married his childhood sweetheart after dating for 10 long years and now comes yet another news of a crumbling marriage. We could have easily dismissed the news as false but writing fake news about an actor who is never really in the news seems too much of a hard work. Well, nobody can deny that Bollywood is a tough place to sustain marriages. Many marriages end even after having a long long run and great compatibility. And in the recent times there has been too many reports of marriages breaking off. We sincerely hope that this couple manages a way out to make the marriage work.

Blind Item

So this Bollywood actor who has an image of a perfect family man seems to be having tough times. After his career went downhill, the actor has not been in the best phase professionally and now it looks like his personal life has gone for a toss too. It seems the actor who was always madly in love with his then girlfriend and now wife has fallen out of love. We hear that their marriage has hit rock bottom and this time it's his lovely wife(who’s known to be too kind to everyone) wants a chance to fix it. What has left us shocked is that it's after all these years of marriage when the actor is having compatibility and trust issues. The two are keeping it under the wraps, but the way tinseltown works, it's all never really hidden.His wife was always known to have an upper hand in the marriage, specially when it was about making big decisions, including his career and film choices.

Our Guess

Actor- Imran Khan

Wife- Avantika Malik


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