Guess Who: Actress Threatens To Walk Out Of Promotions

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress who has threatened to walk out of a movie’s promotions due to her barely featuring in the movie’s trailer.

The trailer released yesterday & the makers are wasting no time in creating a controversy. While the first movie had hit music & a good script along with good acting by the villain, it remains to be seen how this movie shapes up. The lead hero badly needs a hit. He is counting on this one to resurrect his career. It is rumored that the villain swings both ways. Marriage too has proved to be no deterrent to his extra curricular activities. His wife is happy to look the other way.

The heroine is mainly in the news for her linkups. Her latest BF is a star kid. While the BF’s parents are not actors, they are related to film families. His first movie was a flop.

Blind Item

TALES of being marginalised never seem to get old in the Hindi film industry. The latest one is about an actress threatening to walk out of the promotions of an action flick because she is barely featured in the trailer. Apparently, she’s particularly upset with her female co-star who seems to be getting all the attention, on and off-screen. Voicing her grouse to the makers, this bright-eyed actress even brought up the fact that she has spent over a decade in the business, compared to her one-film-old co-star. If only maturity was a measure of relevance.

Our Guess

Movie: Marjaavan

Actress: Rakul Preet Singh

Co-Star: Tara Sutaria /strong>


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