Guess Who – Married Actor Is Cheating On Wife With A Hot Actress

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Cineblitz published this blind item about this married star who is now flirting with a younger

Bollywood is not new to married actors having affairs with younger co-stars. Though we feel this blind item is a little difficult to guess with the lack of proper clues, two pairs of names do strike us.The first one, this actor has been in Bollywood for around three decades.

His wife is also a very popular actress and they have been married for over twenty years. The young co-star is yet to
establish herself in Bollywood, as with only two films she has not seen much success. The two star opposite each other for the first time in an upcoming movie which has drawn a lot of
attention, and not for a very good reason. A #MeToo accused actor also features in the film and this has sparked controversy regarding the casting. And then again is the rumoured fling
between the co stars. The actor is known to be a very private person but the rumours are no
secret now! And with the first song of the film out we can surely see the chemistry sparkling between thetwo.

Our second guess, this actor after having a series of relationships with leading actresses in the past, married a young girl with no apparent connection with the film industry. The couple is now parents to two adorable kids. The actor,who has not have a successful outing at the box office of late, is slowly fading away from the Bollywood limelight with his contemporaries outperforming him. He will be next seen in a movie where he plays a surgeon and stars opposite the young actress with whom he is said to be flirting. This actress,too, has not much luck yet in terms of success. She was last seen in an item number featured in a multi starrer. On the other hand
there has also been rumours saying that this actress is dating another Bolly hottie. Whats going on?!

Blind Item

This star isn’t new to flirting and years of being happily married with kids has certainly not dulled
his social skills either. So, while shooting for his newest film, the actor got quite close to the
young co-star, who definitely welcomed all the attention she was being showered upon by the
senior star. While it was obvious to those on the sets, they had little option but to keep quiet or
end up facing the wrath of the actor who is anyway know to be quite short-tempered with his
staff and others on sets. While the makers were more focused on completing the film than worry
about their stars’ personal shenanigans, the rumours did get around.
In fact, according to the latest buzz, we have learnt that what had started as a fun fling is now
getting into a serious affair with both the actors keeping in touch even after the shoot of the film
is over. The actress who is completely smitten by the co-star is also known to be quite a flirty
little girl herself. And while she isn’t known for her commitments either, she has avoided serious
link-ups so far.
There have been insiders talking of their secret getaways, while the wife is completely looking
the other way when it comes to her beloved husband’s dalliances. Ignorance is bliss, looks so
true here. Who do you think the actor and his co-star are?

Our Guess:
Actor: Ajay Devgan or Shahid Kapoor
Young Co-Star- Rakulpreet Singh or Kiara Advani


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