Guess Who: Another Superstar Refuses Top Filmmaker’s Project

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar who refused a top filmmaker’s project after another superstar walked out of it.

It was a script tailor made for this superstar with a larger than life image. He was paired opposite the it thing of bollywood. To top it all, one of the biggest filmmakers of the industry was directing the movie. The movie was sold at record prices even before a single scene was shot. It was sure to break several box office records due to the hype alone. But as luck would have it, ego tussles between the director & the superstar led to the superstar walking out of the project. Rumor has it that after an argument over the script the director expected the superstar or at least his team to call him. But instead he sent out a tweet saying that the project has been postponed. This riled the hot headed filmmaker no end. The filmmaker then sent out a tweet saying that the project has been shelved. He shelved the project without speaking to the superstar. The superstar too didn’t bother to pick up the phone & sort things out.

But it turns out the project has not been shelved. The filmmaker has been looking for a replacement. He reached out to another superstar. He too has refused to take up the role due to ego issues. Neither of the two superstars are at their peak(especially the second one), but still both of them have huge egos. Wish they were more practical. But then all bollywood celebs think that they are infallible & that the world revolves around them. No point in expecting them to change.

Blind Item

AFTER this filmmaker’s major project with a big actor was shelved, there is buzz he will join hands with another superstar. However, a friend of the second actor says this is highly unlikely, as the actor is miffed over the filmmaker’s lack of courtesy to inform him that a film he was pursuing with the two superstars a couple of years ago was kind of canned. Apparently, the auteur got cold feet about directing the two actors together. Now he’s lost both the big birds in one go.

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Big Actor: Salman Khan

Second Actor: Shahrukh Khan


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