Guess Who – Movie Mogul Passes Diktat – No Surgeries

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Bollywoodlife has published a blind item about a movie mogul who has passed a diktat. His heroine is not allowed to undergo any cosmetic surgeries

As per a recent blind item, this movie mogul is going through some financial difficulty. He is remaking some of his studio’s older hits to get out of his mess. His domestic life too, we are told is not going great guns. His wife is rumored to have turned lesbian, while he is spending too much time with his protege. No prizes for guessing why. He had plans of launching his own OTT platform, a TV channel which played only their films etc but they all have been put on hold due to his financial troubles. He does have some promising films lined up. We hope they work. We would hate to see an iconic film studio like his, shut shop.

We were shocked to see him make a public appearance at an event. He is notoriously shy. There are very few pics of him. Even people who work at his studio, don’t see him often. He has a lisp & he is scared of people making fun of him.

Blind Item

It is no news that Bollywood producers are obsessed with their heroines and how they look. But this particular filmmaker apparently has all kinds of diktats, tailored ones at that, for the lead actress of his upcoming period film. Rumour mills are abuzz that the movie mogul who has signed the girl for reasons known to him, has drawn a contract with a clause that clearly states that the gen-next star can’t sign up for a beauty lift if she wants to. If you don’t speak code, it means that the actress can’t undergo surgical enhancements to accentuate her looks. Yes, you read that right, a pre-signed agreement that warrants that she retains her natural features. But you know what’s more interesting? It’s not natural in the first place!

The actress has already gone under the knife and what is even more ironic is that the same producer had coaxed the actress to go under the knife, again for reasons known to him. While it wasn’t really surprising because several heroines/proteges of the same camp have relied on plastic surgery from time to time, it was a little baffling as it came from the same person who was all for her going under the knife earlier. Because the actress had made her debut and everything was fine; it was only whilst her second film that her appearance had changed overnight (read lip and/or chin job) and not for the good. Several tweets and speculative pieces later, it was still inconclusive without any official word but when has there ever been one really? While that was that, today’s reality can well be termed as situational hilarity and hey, we believe in sharing. Until next time!

Our Guess

Movie Mogul: Aditya Chopra

Actress: Vaani Kapoor


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