Guess Who: This Actress Placed A Bet With A Hairstylist

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress who placed a bet with her hairstylist against her ex’s new relationship lasting beyond the end of this year.

There were news reports that the actress thought that she was in a toxic relationship. That she is happier now than she ever was when she was dating the young superstar. Her career too seems to be on a upward trend. But as per this blind item she is still bitter about her ex. It doesn’t help that he ended her dating a friend of hers. That must have hurt. But if blind items are to be believed, her ex may end up getting married sometime next year. His new-GF has even been shopping for her bridal trousseau.

But when it comes to this relationship, we have to wonder whether this is genuine gossip or a fake blind item. This nosy filmmaker has a habit of planting fake blind items about the lead stars of his upcoming projects. There have been no blind items about the lead stars of this high school drama, after its release & its lukewarm response.

Blind Item

JUST when you thought everyone had settled after the most famous Bollywood break-up and the estranged couple had moved on with respective lives (read new lovers), there is this. The ex seems to be fixated on the lover having a new squeeze. On one particularly tipsy evening, she bet with her hairstylist on the new lovers being through by this year’s end. Hmm. We do hope the hairstylist wins, only because the wager is a sweet Rs 10,000.

Our Guess

Estranged Couple: Katrina Kaif & Ranbir Kapoor

New Squeeze: Alia Bhatt


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