Guess Who: Top Heroine Wants To Star In Two Projects

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a top heroine who is interested in starring in two back to back projects.

She is definitely India’s most famous import. She is a true global star. Others before her were glorified extras in movies. But sadly her hollywood career too is not going great guns. She is known more for being her husband’s wife in the west. Her TV show is over & she doesn’t have much work to speak of apart from not so prominent roles in some TV shows & movies. She must be missing the limelight she is accustomed too especially in India. Rajeev Masand’s previous blind item too was about her & failed bid at landing a national award winning role. Looks like Rajeev Masand too is heavily influenced by PR agencies & or celeb managers. After all churning out blind items week after week ain’t easy!

Blind Item

A top heroine has summoned at least two directors to her overseas shoot location, where she has considerable time to discuss their scripts she’s definitely interested in. Both are ‘mature subjects’, better suited to her current situation. She’s taken a long break from the screen, but sources say she wants back-to-back projects here on to remind fans what they have been missing.

Our Guess

Top Heroine: Priyanka Chopra


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