Hrithik’s New Workout Video Gets Tiger Shroff’s Attention, Inshallah’s Storyline Revealed

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Hrithik’s workout gets Tiger Shroff’s attention, Inshallah’s storyline has been revealed! Read our article to find out more.


Hrithik Roshan recently shared his workout video on Instagram. He has just wrapped up Super 30 and now he is back at the gym to regain his muscular physique.
Here’s what he wrote on Instagram:
“Never imagined the way back would be so challenging. .Steady now. #NoPainNoGain#onemorerep#createyourself#bethebestversionofyourself#therearenoshortcuts #doitforyou#workonyourself #pushboundries#keepgoing.”
Tiger Shroff, who himself is a fitness freak commented, “back and better than ever! #Beastmode.”
Hrithik had to go through a physical transformation for Super 30 where he had to step into the shoes of a mathematician from Bihar, Anand Kumar. The story is based on how Anand selects 30 students from the backward communities and coaches them to crack the prestigious IITJEE and enroll in an IIT. He also bears all their expenses.

As the pictures from Jaipur shoots suggest, Hrithik’s looks are typically common middle class Indian. He is seen wearing simple half sleeve shirt and baggy pants. Looks like he really put in a lot of effort for the role. Lets hope the movie will be just as good as the pictures.

Looks like hrithik roshan is making a comeback after some personal setbacks
Hrithik’s look in the movie Super30


Salman Khan plays a 40yr old businessman, while Alia plays a 22yr old aspiring actress

He is one of the biggest superstars of this generation with a massive number of devoted fans,within the country and worldwide and even after hitting 50 has not slowed down. She on the other hand is the most dependable actress in the industry at the moment, with back to back successes and a huge army of fans. Both are united in a film to be directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
Yes, we are talking about Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt who will star opposite each other for the first time in Bhansali’s upcoming project,titled Inshallah.

The unique casting of the two leads-having a huge age difference-has obviously piqued interest among Bolly buffs and media.
There were also rumours about Khan and Bhatt playing siblings. But according to sources,they play each other’s love interest. Sources also reveal that Salman is playing a businessman in his mid 40s whereas Alia is a 20-something aspiring actress. The story will focus on their unsual romantic journey.
The film is set to go on board in the second half of the year and is targeting an Eid 2020 release.
We can’t be more excited!


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