Gay Celebs Of Bollywood

It is an open secret that there exists a powerful gay clique in bollywood. Who are these celebs? Read our explosive article to find out!
OI Original – The Gay Clique

It is rumored that the gay clique is the real power centre of bollywood. Which of the celebs are gay & can grant favors? Read our article to find out!

Firstly, we would like to mention that our intention is not to defame any of our beloved celebs & neither are we homophobic. We have also taken care to mention which rumors we are sure of & which rumors are likely to be fake.

It is an open secret that unlike the bygone eras, men too have to go through the casting couch in bollywood. Some claim that women are now safer than men in bollywood. Being “close” to the gay clique leads to plum projects & several chances to make it big in the industry.

Here is the list of the celebrity who are rumored to be gay/bisexual & can make/break careers in bollywood

1. The Ex-Box Office King

It was rumored that during the 2000’s, the then reigning superstar, his gay BFF-filmmaker, a model turned actor & an actor of royal descent were in an “agreement” of sorts. While rumors of the then reigning superstar & his BFF-filmmaker is known to everyone, we were shocked to hear about the actor of royal descent too swinging both ways. The model actor we mentioned had no issues pleasing the superstar & his BFF. He must have had lots of practice during his modelling days. It is a well known fact that he was a top fashion designer’s BF. He was also dating a female model-whom he ended up marrying. This “agreement” led to the model-actor & the blue blooded actor landing plum projects produced by the superstar & or his BFF. It is likely that their wives too were aware about it. They never had an issue with their husbands hooking up with men, but relationships with other women is what used to piss them off. The model turned actor lost the superstar’s support when his wife fought with the superstar over her husband not getting enough credit for a movie. Her husband was barely known for having any acting skills. Would have served him better to suck up to the superstar.

Another source claimed that the superstar was in a gay relationship with a character actor, small time producer who gave him a place to stay when he first came to Mumbai minus his wife. He was a struggler back then & the actor-producer helped him out. They were seen together in 5-star lobbies together.

Some even mentioned that the ex box office king was also hooking up with a failed actor. This actor barely had the looks or talent to be a hero. But he bagged several projects as the lead hero & was promoted by the superstar. Some bollywood forums claim that this actor & the superstar made lots of money during the failed actor’s stint as a marketing manager at a company, whose brands were endorsed by the superstar. The superstar is simply paying him back. We leave it up to our readers to decide for themselves, as to what is the truth. Meanwhile the failed actor has now turned producer! Name one marketing manager who has managed to become a producer. We will wait!

We remember watching a scene in a movie, where a guy – who plays a superstar, gets into a bath tub with another guy. The guy asks him about his wife & whether she will be okay. The superstar calmly mentions that they have been married for a long time. He does his thing & she does her thing. We couldn’t help but wonder that this scene is based on the superstar we are talking about.

2. The Most Powerful Gay Celeb

The aforementioned superstar & the BFF are rumored to have parted ways after the superstar started an affair with an actress. The filmmaker even mentions the gay rumors in his autobiography. But claims that the superstar is like an elder brother. But, why did so many people think they were gay when there was nothing?

The biggest affair this filmmaker had was with an actor. This actor used to be a model & was hired as an AD for one of the filmmaker’s movies. The filmmaker claims that he saw the model & a star kid-AD on camera during the shoot & thought to himself that these two deserve to be stars. Be then launched them in his next directorial. Wow! How kind of him. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. It was an open secret in the film industry that the actor was the filmmaker’s BF. They used to go on several vacations abroad together, before filming began. It is rumored that they dated for quite sometime. In fact the rumors of the actor dating the filmmaker’s mentee – an established actress is totally false. But our sources insist that the filmmaker & the actor have broken up.

The filmmaker also mentions a top fashion designer as one of his closest friends in the industry. It is rumored that theirs is a friends with benefits relationship. There is no love involved.

The filmmaker had a huge crush on a good looking actor from a neighbouring country. Some say they hooked up & the filmmaker ended up casting him in several of his productions. He had grand plans for the actor. But the actor had to leave the country due to political reasons.

3. The Siblings

These two siblings are star kids. Their father too was rumored to swing both ways in the 80’s. He was also rumored to have dated the actress who was then ruling both hindi & south film industries.

The sister is a TV czarina, who is rumored to swing both ways. Tales of her temper issues are notorious in the TV industry. She was recently the subject of blind items for being unaware of her beau – a renowned TV star, getting engaged to someone else. She is also rumored to have dated several other actresses & hooked up with some of her male stars.

The brother may not be counted among one of the successful male stars & rather called a flop actor. But what very few know is that the son is a huge hit among the male celebs. We had heard that his paramours include a superstar, who is known for being a player. It is rumored that they were regularly hooking up while shooting for a movie with a ensemble cast. The movie did average business. The brother then put in a word to his sister & helped the superstar land a plum project produced by her, when the superstar’s career was going through a bad phase. Sadly the project flopped. The brother is also rumored to have hooked up with a top fashion designer & a son of a megastar.

Some sources claim that their father too swung both ways. Their father was good friends with another actor- father of a young heartthrob-casanova. Both these stars were rumored to be bisexual during their heydays. We leave it up to our readers to either believe the rumor about the fathers or dismiss it(we heard from two people & even read about it online)

4. The Casting Director

This casting director was outed in the MeToo movement. Not only have sources mentioned it, even blid items mention that two actors who made it big, continue to hook up with him. Both have GF’s, but still hook up with him. Mid-day published a blind item about the casting director & one of the actors being caught in a compromising position at a 5-star hotel!

5. The Opinionated Director

He has married twice. Is very outspoken on political issues. What few people outside the industry know is that he screws everything that moves. He was in a relationship with a male model turned actor, whom his daughter was also reported to be dating! A source – a struggling actor, who worked as an AD, mentioned that once he opened a vanity van & found this director in a compromising position with an actress – she is now married to a top producer(she was cast in one of his productions). Some claim that all his heroines have have had to sleep with him. That explains why is always launching fresh faces, who disappear without a trace. Another “find” of his includes a male star, who is now forgotten. He launched him as a villain in a movie starring a Miss Universe. The Miss Universe is rumored to have slept with a gangster for roles. We doubt whether she had any inhibitions sleeping with this filmmaker. The filmmaker claimed that he spotted the male star at a signal. Another bollywood fairytale!

We personally hate him for milking the pity sex he got from a troubled actress many decades ago. We read that he is making another movie about his affair with the actress. Ok oldie! We are proud of you for having dated a top actress. But she was troubled & is no more. Stop garnering attention & pity by repeatedly talking about her & making movies.

6. The Casanova Superstars

We are not sure whether these two names belong here. Not because we doubt whether they are bisexual, but because we are not sure if they grant favors to their male lovers.

Both are womanizers, who have dated the most beautiful women. The bigger star among the two is a perennial bachelor. We were in denial when we heard that he swings both ways. After all he is known for being a ladies man. Several films have been made about his womanizing ways. It was in the year 2007-08 that we heard from a friend who knew someone who had “gone down” on the superstar. We chose not to take the claim seriously. But we have heard similar rumors about the superstar since then.

The other superstar, who has had a fantastic year, has himself claimed that there were rumors of him being gay in the 90’s. His mother-in-law questioned his wife about it. He tried to look cool & laugh the rumors off. But then, there are several rumors of him swinging both ways. Apart from tons of actresses, he is also alleged to have hooked up with a fashion designer, a actor known for his comic timing & a flop actor(the sibling)

Could you guess the celebs we are talking about? Have you heard about gay celebs apart from the ones mentioned here? Please do leave a comment!




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