Guess Who – This Actress Has A Filthy Tongue

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Mumbai Mirror published a blind item about a young actress who has a filthy tongue & doesn’t think twice before abusing people around her.

Recently debuted this fresh faced beauty has quite some number of movies lined up and has charmed the audience with her good looks and acting prowess. On reality shows she is quite candid with her bubbly yet strong and upright personality. But always making her way into the headlines,she is known to use cuss words more than often.
We don’t know why she would like to do so, coming from one of the noblest families in Bollywood. Looks her persona and mouth contradicts themselves.

But she is not the only family member to have this reputation. Her mother, who was an actress too is known to be short tempered & cuss a lot. This young actress is just a chip off the old block. Having studied abroad & been to the best schools one would expect more out of her.

Blind Item:
This fiery,rapidly emerging star,who is known to be way too street-smart for her age,has earned the dubious reputation for being seriously profane. Though she projects herself as cool,urbane and educated, she’s actually a pro at hurling the choicest if expletives at people around her. Sadly,filthy tongue is never personable.

Our Guess:
Emerging star- Sara Ali Khan


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