Top 10 Churches In Mumbai In 2023

Mumbai's Timeless Religious Landmarks
Mumbai is a big city in India, and it has many beautiful churches. These churches are important because they show the city's history and different religions. 
Let's talk about ten special churches in Mumbai:


1.St Thomas Cathedral Church : This is a famous church in the middle of the city. It looks really nice with its special design. St. Thomas Cathedral is a very old building in Fort, Mumbai. It was built a long time ago, in 1618. This church is like a memory from the past when the British East India Company had a fort here. That's why the area around it is called Churchgate.
Inside the church, there are many beautiful things to see. There are special monuments to remember people who fought in a big battle called the Battle of Seringapatam in 1799. This battle happened near a place called Srirangapatna, which is close to Mysore. 


2.Mount Mary Basilica: The Mount Mary Basilica in Bandra is a very old Catholic church, more than 100 years old. It's on a hill. A long time ago, a special statue was brought here from Portugal by Jesuits, and it was put in a small building on top of this hill. Many people of different religions visit this church, especially during the Bandra Fair. People believe that if they ask for help here, like getting better when they're sick, doing better in their work, or buying a house, their wishes might come true. This church is so famous that the hill it's on is now called Mount Mary Hill.


3.St. Andrew's Church : St. Andrew's Church in Bandra is really old, and it recently turned 400 years old. It's located between Chimbai village and Bandstand. Back when it was built, this church was one of the biggest on Salsette Island, which was controlled by the Portuguese at that time. This church has seen a lot – it survived a big storm in 1618 and an invasion by the Marathas in 1740.If you want to go for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, it's a great place to enjoy. 


4. Afghan Church :The Afghan Church, in Navy Nagar, is also called the Church of St. John the Evangelist. It got its name because it was built in the 1850s to remember the soldiers who died in the First Afghan War of 1838. This church is a good example of early Victorian architecture and has a beautiful stained glass window. It also has a very tall spire, about 198 feet high. Interestingly, this spire was quite expensive, costing a huge Rs. 5,65,000 at that time!
If you visit this church, you'll find a peaceful atmosphere, which is quite rare in the busy city of Mumbai.


5.Holy Family Church : The Holy Family Church in Andheri is a modern church. It looks different from the older ones. When you go there, you'll notice that the people are very friendly and kind. They create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for everyone who comes to worship. It's a place where you can feel comfortable and at home while practicing your faith in Andheri.



6.St. Peter's Church:St. Peter's Church in Bandra is not very old; the one you see today was built in 1938. It replaced an older church from 1853, and they made it in a style similar to Roman architecture. They did this to have more space for the poor people who lived nearby and the orphans.
You can find this church on Hill Road, a busy shopping street. It's a great place to go for Midnight Mass, especially during Christmas. 
7.St. Anne's Church : St. Anne's Church in Mazgaon, Mumbai, is indeed a remarkable place that beautifully reflects the city's diverse cultures and architectural heritage. One of its most striking features is the exquisite stained glass windows that adorn the church. These windows are not just decorative elements; they also hold historical and cultural significance.

 The stained glass windows of St. Anne's Church depict various religious scenes and motifs, showcasing the multicultural fabric of Mumbai.


8. Don Bosco Church, Mumbai : The Don Bosco Church in Mumbai is a special place because it has a very active youth community. This means that young people are involved and participate a lot in the church's activities. The church is named after St. John Bosco, who is known as a patron or protector of young people.
Inside the church, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere for young folks to come together, learn about their faith, and engage in various programs and events. It's a place where young people can feel connected and supported in their spiritual journey. 



9.St. Michael's Church: St. Michael's Church in Mahim is on LJ Road. It's well-known for something called the Wednesday Novena. People of different religions come here for this special prayer. This church also has interesting quotes displayed for people who pass by to read and think about.
The original church was built way back in 1534 by the Portuguese, but the one you see today was built in 1973, and it has a simple style.


10.Wodehouse Church: Wodehouse Church in Colaba, officially known as the Cathedral of the Holy Name, was constructed in 1905. It's a famous Catholic church in Mumbai, known for its Neo-Gothic style, which means it has a classic, old-fashioned design with lots of stone.
Inside, you'll find beautiful frescoes, which are like colorful paintings on the walls and ceilings.



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