Top 10 Meme Pages On Instagram In India

Top 10 Meme pages on insta

The realm of Instagram has witnessed an exponential rise in the popularity of memes, which stand out for their ability to encapsulate everyday experiences and relatable scenarios. These memes serve as a unique avenue for connecting with friends, family, guests, and even target audiences, offering a delightful source of amusement to brighten one's day. In this blog, we are excited to introduce you to the top 10 meme pages in India on Instagram, guaranteed to evoke laughter.

Meme: A Crucial Tool in Marketing Memes and meme marketing have emerged as indispensable tools for businesses seeking to promote their products and services. The increasing demand for memes has led businesses and brands to adopt them as one of their preferred and innovative marketing strategies. Many are even hiring individuals skilled in creating attention-grabbing memes. Utilizing humorous real-world videos and images to craft memes for marketing purposes fosters a sense of connection and relatability among the general public. To showcase these creators, we've curated a list of some of the most relatable Indian meme accounts on Instagram.

1- Log Kya Kahenge

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The "Log Kya Kahenge" meme page is a treasure trove of humor and wit that never fails to bring smiles to its followers' faces. With an impressive follower count of 2.6 million and steadily climbing, "Log Kya Kahenge" resonates with a diverse audience. From witty takes on everyday situations to humorous social commentary, the page covers a wide spectrum of relatable content, capturing life's intricacies with humor.

2- Ghantaa


A go-to destination for Indian memes, @ghantaa keeps its feed buzzing with fresh content for its 7.8 million followers. It treats followers to a daily dose of 20 to 30 memes, often revolving around popular culture and amusing human behavior.

This page, a powerhouse with 7.8 million followers, has revolutionized the meme scene, with a knack for turning anything and everything in pop culture into a meme.

While most posts are crafted by owner Sumit Soni, some may draw inspiration from memes on other accounts. Nevertheless, Ghantaa's memes inject fun into dull lives, earning it a spot among the top 10 Indian Instagram meme accounts to follow.

3- Trolls Official

With an impressive 7.6 million followers, this Instagram page holds a special place in the hearts of many, evoking nostalgia from earlier days. It ranks among the finest meme pages on Indian Instagram, managed by the digital and social media marketing agency 'social matte.'

Posts on Trolls Official feature clever puns integrated with images, creating memes that take followers on an amusing journey. With a staggering 173K posts shared, each brimming with humor and entertainment, this page continues to captivate audiences.

4 – Idiotic Sperm

With over 4.1 million dedicated followers, Idiotic Sperm is known for its preppy and trendy content, resonating with audiences across genres. They have successfully conquered both the reel realm and the world of static memes.

With numbers that speak volumes, they lead the meme game, establishing themselves as the best in their field.

5- Naughty World

@naughtyworld_ boasts a global following of nearly 9.8 million, embarking on a commendable mission to promote relaxation and laughter. Skillfully managed by Ankur, a passionate businessman, this page serves as a treasure trove of memes covering a wide array of subjects. With engaging and humorous content, it continues to attract an ever-increasing fanbase daily, projecting further growth in the future.

6- Laughing Colors

True to its name, @FamousLaughs is one of Instagram's most renowned meme accounts, operated by media and news organizations. With approximately 1.7 million avid supporters, it offers a plethora of amusing and heartening jokes, along with entertaining videos sure to bring smiles to faces. Waste no time and head over to their delightful Instagram page for a grin-inducing experience.

7- Dekh Bhai

In the pursuit of clinching the title of "India's No. 1 Viral Meme Trend," @dekhbhai has been tirelessly laboring for several years. Helmed by Ommy Patel, this page is a relentless source of daily hilarity, offering a delightful combination of comical short videos and amusing images with clever captions. With a follower count of 3.2 million and regular meme uploads, followers are guaranteed a fantastic time filled with wild laughter.

8- Ted The Stoner

As their bio suggests, "@tedthestoner" offers an escape from mundane existence, diligently posting between 5 to 10 memes daily, often featuring heartwarming images of children and animals. With a following from notable celebrities and a commitment to exclusively original meme content, this immensely popular meme page, created by Jitendra Sharma, stands out despite having fewer followers than some other pages.

9- The Ironical Baba

The name "The Ironical Baba" sets the stage for a delightful experience, promising surprises at every turn. This Indian page offers a humorous take on millennials' everyday struggles, curated by Amit to strike a perfect balance of amusement and relatability. With 415K followers, The Ironical Baba has secured a special place in the hearts of its audience, thanks to refreshingly short, crisp posts that hit the mark every time.

10- Error 69

The brainchild of Manpreet Narula, a Delhi resident, @error69 boasts a staggering 3.5 million followers, making it one of India's premier Instagram meme pages. Featuring predominantly unique content, it garners admiration from thousands of followers and engages in sponsored posts, contributing significantly to its revenue. Despite being a private page, it offers the advantage of direct messaging, allowing followers to reach out and request credit for their work.

In Conclusion Meme marketing is rapidly gaining traction within the marketing landscape, leading to the emergence of specialized marketing firms focusing on this creative avenue. Embracing memes as a popular strategy has the potential to generate substantial demand for businesses and amass dedicated followings.

At Idiotic Media, a dedicated influencer marketing agency, we recognize the profound impact of funny content and comedy influencers on their audience. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful collaborations between our clients and influential figures on social media. With a meticulously curated network of leading Indian humor pages, we stand ready to guide businesses toward the right audience at precisely the right moment through these influential partnerships.






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